The love for Lowriding often spreads through generations, with different family members passing their respective torches to the younger members of the family, who often follow in their footsteps. Cesar Escobedo is a good example of this. He grew up around Lowriding, and Lowriding grew up around him; his mother’s brother had Lowriders and so did his father’s brother, who is still Lowriding today. Cesar’s uncle, Chito, has been a 30 year honorary member of Together Car Club, Los Angeles. Cesar recalls, “I remember when I was younger, I would see my uncle and cousin pull up to my grandparents’ house in different Lowriders with patterned-out paint jobs, chrome rims, and of course, hydraulics.” With his family keeping him surrounded by amazing Lowriders, Cesar was hooked at a young age.

As a teenager, Cesar purchased a 16 inch Lowrider bike for his newborn son and himself. With help from his uncle, Chito, and his cousin Richard, who is also a member of Together Car Club, he built the bike and named it “Blue Passion.” The bike was a consistent show winner and became Cesar’s tool to enter into Together Car Club. The bike was just the start of his Lowriding career, however. At the age of 18, Cesar bought his first car, which is the car you see in the accompanying photos. He bought the car for $600 and used it as his daily driver, even though he wished it was a Lowrider. As a young father, he did not have the funds to make this a reality. As any good man would, he made sure his family was taken care of before he even considered building the Cutlass into the Lowrider he so desperately wanted when he was a kid.

Seven years later, life was going well for Cesar and his family. He had a good job and his family was prospering. One day he went out and took a look at the car and decided it was time for his dream to come true. From that day on, he has been working on the Cutlass.

The first and most important step was the paint job. Cesar figured that if the car was painted, it would motivate him to go all out and get it done. His only issue was that he couldn’t figure out what color he wanted as his primary car color. All he knew was that he wanted the car to stand out and one day, while talking with his wife, he got his answer. Cesar asked his wife what color he should paint the car. She smiled and responded, “Pink.” He knew that was her favorite color and at first laughed it off. He then came to the realization that a pink paint job would be different and would definitely motivate him to finish the car.

The Cutlass was started in the summer of 2006, and completed in November of 2011. With over five years in the making, Cesar would like to thank his wife and kids, his uncle Chito, his brother Dustin, his friend Charlie and his club brothers from Together Car Club for their support in helping him to achieve his Lowriding dreams. The Cutlass caught our eyes at the Traffic Car Club Toy Drive at the Citizen’s Bank Arena in Ontario, California. We knew it would be perfect for our magazine, so we put together a photo shoot at the toy drive with the lovely Jasmine Mendez. Thanks to Cesar and his family, Together Car Club, and Traffic Car Club for helping us coordinate the shoot during the toy drive.

Tech Specs
“My Pink Lady”

Owner: Cesar Escobedo

Vehicle: 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Club: Together Car Club – Los Angeles

City/State: Fontana, CA

Paint: Cesar modified the Cutty with a Hollywood Top. Anthony, from Anthony’s Customs, in El Monte, California, prepped the body for paint, and then sprayed the Olds with House of Kolor Cotton Candy Pink base with pink candies throughout the car. Chino, from Chino’s Dreamworks, finished off the car by adding a few patterns and shooting microflake all over the car before clear coating it. Mike Tippet, from Riverside CA., added pinstripes throughout the Cutty. Custom made grill by Jerry Wessling of JW Enterprises in Lake Elsinore, California.

Interior: Carlos, from YHC Custom Upholstery, in Montebello, California, added two-tone pink vinyl and suede to the interior and trunk of the Cutty. Carlos also fabricated a custom headliner to the interior.

ICE: Cesar added a Pioneer head unit, Pioneer EQ, Epicenter Bass Control and two Audiobahn TVs to the interior with a mix of Pioneer and Audiobahn component speakers. Cesar also added a custom center console and bass enclosure to the Cutty.

Engine: 1983 Oldsmobile 307ci 5.0 V8 rebuilt by Cesar and Charles Salcido, Jr. Cesar added all of the chrome accessories and had his painter add paint accents to the block, engine bay, and some accessories. All chrome by Victor Martinez from Millennium Polishing & Plating in Ontario California.

Suspension: Cesar and his brother, Dustin, installed the custom air bag set up using 3/8 hose, two pumps, two solenoids and two switches. The setup is situated behind a plexiglass enclosure in the trunk.

Wheels: 13×7 100-spoke wire wheels that have been powder coated in a two-tone scheme with a candy center.

Tires: P155-80/R13 Cornell Tires.