Albert De Alba Sr.

El Rey
1963 Chevrolet Impala, convertible

Car Club
Elite Car Club

Pomona, CA

Given the creativity in our culture, it can be hard to catch all the details on some of the most well-built dream machines, and we find ourselves doing a double take to fully appreciate them. This even happens with our features, believe it or not, and it certainly did when we profiled our 2011 Lowrider of the year − a ’63 Convertible Impala owned by Mario De Alba. This Impala has such a high degee of customization; we just had to take a second look at it, especially the trunk of the car.

After talking to his buddy, Art Tuason of Hoppo’s, Albert knew he was in good hands as the two would be able to collaborate and create something really special for the ‘63. The custom hydraulics were ultimately designed and assembled by Art and his son, Alex, at Hoppo’s. This setup, inspired by vintage aircraft components, would consist of two pumps, four dumps, 8-inch cylinders up front, 10-inch cylinders in back with 3/4 ton springs, four switches, and four solenoids powered by four batteries, with the entire set up hard lined. The design of the setup was taken a step further as it was intricately engraved by master engraver Miguel Chavez. Stereo sounds came courtesy of a Focal Audio sound system installed by both Carlos and George from Art of Sound in Upland, CA. The panels, created by Albert De Alba, Sr. and Jr. accented the trunk as LED’s were incorporated to highlight the stereo and hydraulic system.

The countless hours spent on the trunk of “El Rey” gave us further insight about what it truly takes to earn the prestigious Lowrider of the year title. If you think you have a trunk setup that is worthy of our Bumps & Dumps section, feel free to email us at saul.vargas@sorc.com.