1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – Goldee

A Golden Dream Come True

Back in the early ’80’s Raul began his Lowriding days by cruising around with some of his friends. “One of them had a ’78 Monte Carlo, and I told myself that one day I would own one and build it the way I wanted,” says the longtime Lowrider. The opportunity to own one came to him five years ago when he spotted this Monte Carlo for sale in Orange County. “I ended up getting the car for only $1,800 and I immediately started working on it,” says Raul. The build followed several steps. Tony out of Compton, CA installed the two chrome pumps with eight Diehard batteries and four switches. Kali, out in Lynwood, CA, reinforced some of the Monte’s pressure points in his garage and Javier Molina, from Compton, CA, took care of the bodywork before spray painting it pure gold and adding custom flake. Once Javier was done, Curly, out of Paramount, CA, added the pinstripes on the car. With the car’s exterior looking close to complete, Jose, at Riding Duty in Gardena, CA, stitched together the vinyl, suede, and leather interior. Chilo of Compton, CA installed the Kenwood deck with two Pioneer amps and two JL Audio subwoofers. When it was time to finish off the build, Speedy, at Speedy’s Metal Finishing in Long Beach, CA, took care of all the chrome found throughout the Monte Carlo. “I want to dedicate this car to the memory of my compadre, Hugo Sixtos. He will always be in my memory for all his support and help putting my car together. Hugo passed away on September 4, 2011 in a car accident, and he will always be missed by my family, friends, and all the Our Style club members from Los Angeles,” says Raul. You’ve given him a great dedication indeed, Raul.

Tech Specs

Owner: Raul Medina

Vehicle: 1979 Monte Carlo

City/State: Compton, CA

Club: Our Style

Engine: Edelbock intake and carburetor.

Body/Paint: House of Kolor pure gold

Interior: Vinyl, suede and leather

Sound System: Kenwood stereo, 2 Pioneer amplifiers, 4 Kenwood tweeters and 2 JL Audio subwoofers

Setup: 2 Chrome pumps, 8 Diehard batteries

Tires: Cornell 155/80/13

Wheels: Dayton’s