One of the greatest things about Lowriders is that there are so many different time periods, eras, and genres of cars that can be built that a builder never has to be content with just one. What looks good on a car from the ’60’s might not look good on a car from the ’80’s and so forth, and you can only learn that through trial and error, and that is the best part of being a builder. That’s where the fun and creativity comes into play; just ask Santana, the owner of this pristine G-body and a guy who started in the Lowrider scene at the tender age of seventeen. His first car was a 1970 Impala before the young builder moved on to a 1975 Monte Carlo. “It was in 1997 when I had my avocado green Monte Carlo,” Santana says proudly. “I had hydraulics going to the front and the back and I used to cruise it everywhere, from Santa Ana to Whittier and LA,” he recalls. After the Monte Carlo, Santana got himself a ’53 bomb that was painted candy. “In 1999 I moved from Orange County to Moreno Valley and I stopped Lowriding for over a decade,” laments Santana. Of course, true car builders can’t stay away, so before he knew it, Santana came back to the slow and low life.

His return to the culture came via this gorgeous 1983 Cutlass. “It was blue when I bought it, and I had it painted and had the interior redone,” Santana explains. Initially, Santana took the Cutlass to shows as a hopper, but eventually, the itch to turn the hydraulic beast into a show car got the best of him. His friends, Ray, from San Diego and Puppet, from San Jacinto painted the car. Jose, from Perris, took care of the custom upholstery. Chango from A1 Hydraulics installed the set up in the trunk and Neto, from Moreno Valley, handled all of the chrome found on the car.

Santana is the vice president of Latin Luxury car club out of Moreno Valley, a club that is already boasting ten high quality cars in their ranks. “We have a couple of nice rides coming out pretty soon in the club with chrome undercarriages,” says the proud Vice President, anxiously awaiting the street debut of these heavy hitters.

“My son Jacob named the car “’83 Santanero” and I liked the name also,” says the proud owner. Even though he has turned it into a show car, Santana isn’t afraid to hit the switches. “I still hop it,” says Santana with a smirk. Santana would like to thank everyone that helped out for their help and support.

Tech Specs

“’83 Santanero”

Owner: Santana

Vehicle: 1983 Cutlass

City/State: Moreno Valley, CA

Club: Latin Luxury

Body/Paint: Multi-patterned paint heavy on silver, blues and purples, laid down by Ray, of San Diego, and Puppet, of San Jacinto. Moreno Valley’s own Neto handled all of the Cutty’s chrome work.

Interior: Two-tone tweed and vinyl installed by Jose of Perris, CA.

Sound System: Pioneer head unit, four Pioneer 6x9s, Pioneer 12″ subwoofer and Pioneer Amp

Setup: Two chrome pumps and six batteries, installed by Chango of A1 Hydraulics.

Tires: 155/80R13

Wheels: Chrome 13″