Model: Sabrina LaRae

Back in the early ’80’s, Jose Villanueva of Los Angeles, CA built himself a Lowrider with a 1973 Camaro. The car, his first ever Lowrider, served to introduce Jose to the culture that he has been in love with ever since. He has many fond memories of this first build, and while Jose cruised around in his ’73 Camaro, one of his friends followed suit with a ’69 Caprice. Jose loved his Camaro but he also grew a strong affinity for his friend’s Caprice.”I remember really wanting one that I could build my way,” he says. Jose kept on Lowriding and found himself joining High Class Car Club and later on, he became a full-fledged member of the Majestics. Just like many others in the scene, Jose had to step back from it once he got married and began his family. “I disappeared from the Lowrider scene for about twenty years and came back into the scene about six years ago,” Jose explains. With over a two decade layoff, Jose came back strong with a ’53 Chevy Stepside which he still has. “I got the truck to cruise it around on weekends,” smiles the Lowrider. “I just wanted to add the paint and airbags to it, but before I knew it, I added a sound system, chrome parts, and so on.”

The car that Jose really wanted was a ’69 Caprice like the one his friend had back in the days. As his search began, Jose found himself searching on several websites until he came across one on eBay that was located in Hermosa Beach. “It was a project car and I ended up paying $4,300 for it with no engine and [it was]in need of a paintjob,” Jose explains. As much as he loves the Stepside, Jose is planning on selling his ’53 Chevy in order to have more money to invest into his ’69.

Jose is happy to share his ride with all of us but he’s even more happy to give credit to his late friend, Hugo Sixtos. “I would have probably never gotten a feature had it not been for my good friend, Hugo,” Jose explains. “He was always in out there talking to everyone and was a big influence on me.” The whole Our Style Car Club would like to dedicate this feature and any future features to their friend, Hugo Sixtos, who is now in a better place. Jose would like to thank his Our Style Car Club for their support and extend his thanks and appreciation to his family for helping him out and supporting him in his hobby.

Tech Specs

“Our Style ’69”

Owner: Jose Villanueva

Vehicle: 1969 Chevy Caprice

City/State: Los Angeles, CA

Club: Our Style

Body/Paint: Walter at West Coast Auto Body in Los Angeles, CA took care of the car’s bodywork and also laid out the mint green paint job. Curly added the finishing touches to the paint by adding some pin stripes.

Interior: Carlos, of Sergio’s Upholstery in Southgate, CA, stitched together the original design.

Sound System: Chico, out in Compton, CA, installed the Kenwood head unit and amps to power the Kicker subwoofers.

Setup: Kaly, of Linwood, CA, installed the two pump setup.

Tires: 175/70/R14

Wheels: 14″ LA Wires