The east side of San Jose has long been infamous in the annals of Lowrider history and like many who grew up in that hotbed of Lowrider history, the scene there captivated Bill Jack. “I lived right around the corner from King and Story and that was the spot to be at in the 70’s,” he recalls fondly. The scene’s influence took a hold of the aspiring car enthusiast, and his vision of the perfect car soon appeared. “I used to ride my bike out there on the weekends to check out all the cars. One of the clubs that really stood out to me was California Cads,” says Bill. The club consisted of nothing but ’67 and ’68 hard top Cadillacs, and Bill was forever hooked on this automaker’s American luxury style. “I would always see those guys lined up and even back then, I knew that I wanted to get me a Caddy. That’s where it started for me.” Bill maintains his love for Cadillacs, and his latest creation pays homage to his love affair with them.

Bill obtained this Cadillac from a friend of his for $5,000 in 2001. “I was lucky to come across this ’65, and I bought it from my friend, Eric Morris,” explains Bill. The car was a project, but that didn’t stop Bill from getting it. “I had the car for one year and one day and I wrecked it,” Bill says dejectedly. The accident happened as he was making his return from his former car club’s picnic. Never wanting the hit the road without a classic Caddy, Bill sought out a temporary replacement. “I got me a ’67 Fleetwood after I crashed the car, that way I could take my time in bringing the ’65 back out.” He took his time with the build, and it wasn’t until 2004 that he was finally able to bring his car back out. The car would also have a new club flag to fly. “In 2005 Guy, Bam, and myself started Ragz 2 Envy car club, Bill explains. “We left our old club because we were more about going to car shows and picnics than the other guys.”

Bill’s work has paid off as he worked diligently to keep adding to his car until he was able to bring it to the level you see here in our pages. The car got the perfect nickname, too. “I’m a married man, but on the weekends, I’m always with my car; that’s why I named her Weekend Girl,” Bill says with a grin. He now enjoys cruising his Cadillac every weekend and driving it to shows.

Bill would like to thank Darrel Perry, his club’s vice president, and Nor Cal Customs in San Jose. He also extends a special thanks to his wife, Sonia Pierce, his daughter, Damila, and his son, Kaden.

Tech Specs

“Weekend Girl”

Owner: Bill Jack

Vehicle: 1965 Cadillac Deville convertible

City/State: Stockton, CA

Club: Ragz 2 Envy

Engine: Bill chromed out what he could in his 429 engine with help from Peter at Anaheim Plating. The engine features a 750 Holly carburetor, and yellow top Optima battery painted to match the car.

Body/Paint: Joe at Campbell Auto Body in San Jose, CA painted the car with a white platinum DuPont paint. Angelo striped it, and Sammy from Napa, CA added the mural.

Interior: The interior is made up of burgundy leather and white pearl ostrich and it was done by Lito’s Upholstery in Stockton, CA.

Sound System: Matt at the One Stop Shop installed the system that consists of a double deck Pioneer, 6×9 Rockford mids, an L7 Kicker subwoofer, 2 Hifonics amps and a 32″ Samsung on the inner trunk lid.

Setup: Danny Torres, of San Jose, CA lifted the Cadillac using double whammy Black Magic pumps, two Italian dumps, one Adex and four 31 series batteries.

Tires: Hankook 175/14s

Wheels: Chrome OG Wires