It takes a true Lowrider enthusiast to notice undeniable potential. Some of the most amazing lowriders were once nearly scrap metal; sitting and waiting for the inevitable fate of rotting away in a junkyard. This is the case for 28-year old Kelvin Reynolds’ latest project. Introduced into the culture by his friends Jerry and Sammy, Kelvin would often cruise through the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma with the Individuals car club. Out with a friend one weekend at a junkyard looking for parts, he came across a beaten-down ‘84 Chevy El Camino. He immediately saw the possibilities of what he could create and made the offer of a mere $500.00 for the Chevy!

While $500.00 might seem like a steal, the reality of the situation was that the El Camino was in pretty bad shape. Regardless of the uphill climb ahead of him, a determined Kelvin was far too motivated to lose his passion for restoring it. He had the car towed to his uncle Lonzo (Snooky) Ross to get the new ride running, so that at least he wouldn’t have to keep towing the car around town to get refurbished. An ‘86 Camaro V8 engine was dropped into the engine bay and wired to give the El Camino some muscle. Once the Chevy was on the road, Kelvin brought it to Skip Sheldon of Skip’s Body Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The body was stripped down to bare metal and a House of Kolor Kandy Lime Gold Green was sprayed throughout the frame and body. Looking to boost the exterior aesthetic of the El Co, Kelvin had “Lil Toot” spray some custom graphics on the roof and side. A mural was painted on the tailgate depicting the El Camino surrounded by his two best friends’ vehicles.

With everything coming together, Kelvin wanted to follow his friends’ footsteps and join one of the most elite car clubs in the country. Enlisting in the Individuals C.C. He had President Jerry Cunningham install the suspension and that was definitely a step in the right direction. Jerry added a two-pump, two-dump Showtime hydraulic setup to give the El Camino a mean lift. With an absolutely empty cabin, Kelvin purchased an El Camino parts car to replace the missing interior. Buddy Pruitt of Pruitt’s Upholstery gave him a hand, and Oldsmobile Cutlass pillow-back seats were installed and wrapped in green and yellow Ultra vinyl.

As a proud member of the Individuals in Tulsa, Kelvin drives his “Kelcamino” every day. It took a special vision to transform this beat-up junkyard beauty into his pride and joy, but Kelvin was relentless every step of the way. “It took a lot of patience,” Kelvin acknowledges. Without the support of his mom, Patricia, and two sisters, Latoya and Marcia, the “Kelcamino” might not have become a reality. His fellow Individuals club members were his biggest motivators, encouraging him that it could be done despite the amount of work the El Co needed. His 7-year old son, Jaeyland, is constantly asking Dad to pick him up for school. “I’ll walk out to the garage on a Saturday morning,” Kelvin tells us, “and I see Jaeyland showing all his friends the El Camino telling them it’s going to be his.” Not only will it teach him about the culture, it will also teach him how to build a show-winning vehicle from the ground up. Great job, Kelvin!

Tech Specs


Owner: Kelvin Reynolds

Vehicle: ‘84 Chevrolet El Camino

City/State: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Club: Individuals C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The motor was replaced by the late Lonzo “Snooky” Ross of Tulsa, Oklahoma using a ‘86 Chevy Camaro 5.7 V8 350-c.i.d. A 350-turbo transmission was installed along with a shift kit. An Edelbrock carburetor was added. CNF Chroming in Tulsa, Oklahoma did all the chrome plating.

Body/Paint: House of Kolor Kandy Lime Gold Green by Skip Sheldon of Skip’s Body Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Li’l Toot laid down the patterns on the roof and sides.

Interior: With the help of Buddy Pruitt of Pruitt’s Upholstery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kelvin added Oldsmobile Cutlass pillowback seats to the El Camino.

Sound System: An Alpine CVA-1005 Flip out DVD Player was mounted in the dash. Kicker 6-1/2 components were mounted in the custom-built kick panels in the front. Two Kicker ten-inch subwoofers were enclosed in a custom built box behind the seats. Two kicker amplifiers are wired to supply the ground breaking sound to the El Camino. An Alpine CD changer was mounted on the rear floor in a custom built panel. William “Ill Will” in his garage in Tulsa, Oklahoma performed all the stereo work.

Setup: Individuals President Jerry Cunningham took the reins and installed the hydraulic setup.

Tires: P15580R13 Cooper Radials.

Wheels: 13 x 7 100-spoke OG Wires with painted lip to match.