One day, Mike Page went to a liquor store on the East Side of Stockton, CA., with his dad when he was five years old. It was there that he saw his first Lowrider car. “I saw an Imperials car called “King of Fortune” in front of the liquor store,” remembers Mike. Apparently, a guy from Stockton had bought it years ago, and there it was; the first captivating Lowrider that would forever inspire the young boy.

Mike’s cousins also had Lowrider cars, and they even had hydraulics in them, much to Mike’s delight, as he used to ride around in them as a young child. In fact, he was around nine, while his cousins were probably 10-15 years older than him. Everyone in Mike’s family use to own an El Camino, making it obvious that he, himself, would get one someday. “I was always talking about getting an El Camino,” explains Mike, a dream which he finally realized right after high school at age 17. “I saw it on the side of the road with a for sale sign,” explains Mike. Mike took his dad to see the El Camino and they bought it then and there. That was his first car and it’s the same car that he has now. Mike has been working on the El Camino since day one, an odyssey that includes two different paint jobs.

Mike used to be in a car club in Stockton, but the club ended up folding. “I always used to hang out with Delmar, Carlos, and Doug from New Style Car Club at the car shows in 2004,” says Mike. Since his former car club had gone under, he decided to ask the members of New Style about joining. They were very welcoming and Mike has been with New Style car club ever since.

In 2006, he took it to the Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show and placed first in mild customs with his El Camino. “That was my goal, to take it to Vegas and win first place with it,” says Mike, beaming with pride.

Mike remains very active in the Lowrider scene in Stockton, and you can usually find Mike at all the meets at Sonics, local barbeques, picnics, and the local area shows. “I might redo the El Camino for my oldest son when he gets into high school,” explains Mike. For now, he is just going to enjoy his car and just cruise it. “I’m working on a ’67 Riviera right now, and hope to have it out soon.” Mike would like to thank his kids for being supportive. “Messing with my car takes a lot of time away from my kids, and I can’t thank them enough for being supportive,” says Mike.

Tech Specs
“Orange Juice”

Owner: Mike Page

Vehicle: ’66 El Camino

City/State: Stockton, CA

Car Club: New Style

Engine: The 283 had some chrome polished aluminum added to it, as well as a power glide transmission and glass packs.

Body/Paint: Jim Alfiche of Backyard Kustoms in Stockton laid out the House of Kolor Bittersweet Pearl on the El Camino, and Sammy of Napa, CA., added the murals.

Interior: Jesse Gamez of Stockton stitched up the tweed and leather interior.

Setup: Mike Cajio of Stockton installed the ProHopper setup with 6-inch cylinders in the front, and 10-inch in the rear, with six batteries powering it.

Sound System: Mike Page installed the Alpine head unit. He also added the two Boston woofers, Rockford Fosgate mids and amps.

Tires: 13-inch Cornels.

Wheels: 13-inch Sinister Cross lace.