Paul Tabian owned a mini truck as a teenager, and had little to no idea that this vehicle would lead to his lifelong obsession with automobiles. He had even less of a clue that his father knew anything about auto customization, but after his father installed two 12-inch subwoofers in his mini truck, he realized that a life with cars was the life for him. The oilfield rig supervisor from Delano, CA., remembers that day fondly. “After he gave me my first stereo system, I was hooked.” As Paul continued to work on the truck, he lowered it, added a Candy paint job, and gave it a set of Daytons. I” had that truck from high school, up until I got married, says Paul proudly. During his marriage, he bought his wife a 1992 Nissan Sentra. The couple fixed it up and also added some Daytons to it. His work didn’t go unnoticed as Paul was approached by the staff of Lowrider Magazine at a car show in Fresno to do a photo shoot with his Euro. The shoot was scheduled for July 21, 1996, the day before the Lowrider Magazine Super Show in Los Angeles. His Nissan Sentra called “No Xcape” appeared in the December issue of Lowrider Magazine back in 1996.

Shortly after the successful photo shoot and magazine coverage, Paul found out that he was going to have a child and decided to sell the car. Though he clearly put family first, as all builders should do, it marked the first time in Paul’s life that he didn’t own a car that he could work on. It didn’t take long before Paul started having “Lowrider” withdrawals. He started feeling down, and his wife noticed that he really missed his customizing days. One day, Paul saw that one of his friends had a 1962 Impala and Paul told him, “If you ever want to sell it, let me know.” A few months down the line, his friend decided to sell and got a hold of Paul. He ended up purchasing the car for $3,500. “The car had a nice paint job on it but it didn’t feel like it was my car,” says Paul. He began stripping down the car and had it repainted black. “Sugar Bear did a lot of the body work,” recalls Paul. Paul had heard that the ’62 that he owned was an original Delano Lowrider from the 1970s, which made Paul want to keep the work in town as much as possible. He stayed true to this and had local talent work on the car.

A lot of hours were spent inside his garage taking the car apart and putting it back together, only to take it back apart to do something else to it. Everything on the car was redone or replaced on the car, to fit Paul’s liking. Once the car was ready to hit the street, Paul decided to become a member of the Delano Majestics Car Club. “I wanted to be a part of a traditional car club with values,” Paul says with pride. The club was a great fit for Paul, who has been a proud member of the Delano chapter of the Majestics since 2000. Paul now has three daughters; Gabby, Kassie, and Juju, with his wife Xochitl Tabian.

Paul would like to thank his wife, kids, Li’l Able, Stanley Acosta, Brian Roark, his father Paul Tabian Sr., and all his fellow Delano Majestics Car Club members. He extends a special thanks to one of the original 1978 Delano Majestics founding members, “Big Able,” for all the late night hours working on his car.

Tech Specs

Black Gold

Owner: Paul Tabian
Vehicle: 1962 Chevy Impala
City/State: Delano, CA
Car Club: Majestics Delano Chapter
Engine: Ralph Espinoza installed the 327 V8 engine and the 350 transmission with shift kit. Polished aluminum air intake and air filters were also added.
Body/Paint: Victor Salazar did the bodywork. Once the ’62 was ready for paint, it was taken to Advanced Body Works and sprayed with a PPG Jet Black and cleared.
Interior: Maestro stitched the black vinyl seats with silver tweed material.
Setup: Tranzas added the two chrome hydraulic pumps, two dumps, and four switches. Able Acosta installed the Hydros.
Sound System: Mark Accuna at Bassworks installed the Kenwood in-dash DVD stereo and two 12-inch Kicker subs, using four 6×9 and two 5.25 Pioneer speakers with two 1000-watt Red Orion amps to push it all.
Tires: 155/80R13 skinny white walls.
Wheels: 13×7 Chrome and black powder-coated wire wheels.