Owner Rick Monroy

Vehicle ’81 Buick Regal

Car club Spirit

2 pumps 10 batteries Fully reinforced frame

During a recent road trip to Phoenix, AZ., we were given the red carpet treatment as all of the top hoppers in the area came out to play. After seeing several cars, this custom painted Regal stood out and caught our attention. As we saw it complete a full bumper stand, we knew we had to show it to you guys in our Back Bumper section.

Rick has owned several Lowriders in the past and when he got the chance to purchase this classic G- Body, he did so without hesitation. Thanks to his past experience, Rick knew that his buddy Frank Castillo would be able to take on the challenge of pushing this Buick to the limit. Frank went to work and fully wrapped and modified the suspension to allow this car to easily hit in the sixties, while still being able to cleanly cruise the Boulevards of Phoenix.

With his Spirit Car Club as a big influence, Rick had the car painted by Hector, of Grand Prix, who sprayed the car in a Pearl Yellow finish. The HOK finish was then dressed up with graphics courtesy of Alex from Modern Arte. With subtle graphics, Rick counted on Chavo to add some classy pinstripping to finish off the exterior. With the exterior complete, Rick called on Phoenix resident, Felipe, to stitch up a beautiful interior.

Rick’s 14-inch wires help the Regal to gain some leverage over the competition, as every inch counts when hopping in the streets. Since completing this Regal, the car has survived the best of back bumper battles on the streets of Phoenix, and is now ready to nose up with any of the single-pump competition at the shows.

If you have a hydraulics setup that hits back bumper or is making you “go for broke,” e-mail some images along with basic information to: saul.vargas@sorc.com.