In New Mexico, Lowriders are nothing new. In fact, New Mexico has produced some of the culture’s most memorable cars over the past few decades. The owner of this beautiful ’59 rag has witnessed them all firsthand, having been chin deep in the Lowrider scene for over 30 years. In fact, Chuck Montoya can actually pin point the exact day he started Lowriding; Oct. 12th, 1977 – the day he got his Driver’s License. He bought himself a ’64 S.S. 2-door hardtop, a car that he still owns to this day. Harkening back to those early days, Chuck remembers cruising Route 66, better known as “Central,” the main drag in Albuquerque, with 2 bags of cement in the trunk to make his car ride low. It was around that time when Steve Miller, owner of “Lowrider Hydraulics,” opened a store in Albuquerque. Inspired by this event and having saved some money, Chucky decided to install his first hydraulic set up. Honing his skills alongside his brother, Sonse, the late ’70’s saw the duo juicing up cars in front of their mother’s house and building a steady clientele. In fact, business went so well that Chuck decided to open “Chucky’s House of Hydraulics,” which is now known as “Madhopper Hydraulics’ & Air Suspension.” Albuquerque locals may know it best as “Classic Cars of New Mexico,” a shop that has been dedicated to restoring and juicing cars for well over 30 years. Chuck believes that he has been very fortunate to be doing something he loves, and to be able to make a living off of it for over 30 years has been an even sweeter joy.

Chuck’s ’59 rag, “Tiene Todo,” was born in ’97, after he responded to a newspaper ad. After some negotiating, Chuck got the ’59 from its original owner for the unheard-of-price of $3500. Chuck estimates it took him 4 years, building on and off, to restore this beauty. Chuck would restore other classic cars at his shop, take them to Barrett Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale AZ, sell them, and use the money he made to put back into this ’59 rag. Chuck has every rag year, ’55-’57 Bel-Airs, as well as ’58-’64 Impala rags. When I walked into Chuck’s warehouse to interview him, I nearly tripped over my own jaw. There they all were, side by side, all fully restored. After about 45 minutes of me just walking around admiring his fine collection of Chevy’s, I got all the details on the ’59 “Tiene Todo.”

The’59 in and around itself was already a trip, but the legwork that was done to restore the car was nothing short of an amazing journey. The car’s Continental Kit came by way of Hemmings Motor News. cruising skirts scuff pads, NOS Exhaust Parts found their way onto this classic by way of Premier Car Club’s Danny Arriaga. The NOS compass and wonderbar radio came courtesy of Anthony Fuentes at Homies Hydraulics in Paramount, CA. Chuck found the Power vent and windows thanks to John Kennedy at Bowtie Connection. Chuck painted and blocked “Tiene Todo” himself. The Big Block 348, complete with Tri-power Carbs and a power-glide tranny, was overhauled by Big Chuck Ulery. Some of the car’s assembly help came in the form of handiwork provided by Viejitos C.C. members Jaime Trujillo and Christian Gaucin. All of the car’s plating was done by the Chrome Shop in Albuquerque, NM, and Tucson, AZ.

“Tiene Todo” means “has everything,” and Chuck was not kidding. Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory AC, Canadian Tilt Steering Column , Deluxe Power Windshield Washers, Autronic Eye, GM Power vent windows, GM Power windows, Electric Seat, NOS Continental Kit, Parking Brake light, Traffic Viewer, Vacuum ashtray, Speedo minder and Throttle Cruise Control, Front Grille Bumper Guard, Dual Exhaust System, Dual Rear Antenna, Factory Dual Spotlights, Reverse Lights, Knuckle guards, Curb Feelers, Factory Accessory Floor mats, Posi Rear end, One Piece Front Bumper, Accessory License Plate Frames, Locking Gas Cap, Interior Courtesy Lights, Glove Box Lights, Underhood and Trunk Lights, Factory Vacuum Pop Trunk, Rocker Moldings, Original Spinner Hubcaps, Tissue Dispenser, NOS Compass – whew, my fingers just ran out of breath!