Peter “Pete” C. Aragon Jr. was born into a family of Chicanos who settled in Pasadena, California. His dad was based in South Korea, during the Vietnam War where he served in the Armed Forces. After he got back to California, he got into the lowrider scene. Back in the day they built a crew, of mostly family members and close friends, and called themselves the Casuals. The Casuals Car Club started after the name was given to the new generation.

Pete got into the lowrider scene because he used to ride alongside or in the back seat of his uncle Michael P. Aragon’s rides-the president of Casuals Car Club before he passed away a few years ago. When it was time for Pete to purchase a car, his cousins Raymond and Michael drove him to San Bernardino, California, where they purchased a wrecked ’84 Cutlass for $300. The car was towed to Pete’s house where it laid for a year before he decided to do anything with it.

Pete decided to work on the car after he built up enough extra cash from his savings and income tax return. He had the car towed to Javi’s Auto Body in El Monte, California, where they replaced the wrecked parts and got the body ready for paint. His uncle decided the paint scheme and color, telling him that the car needed a color that was going to stand out. After looking at a few color schemes they decided to go with Candy Burnt Orange. The car was driven with 13s for a year until Pete saved enough money to start working on the interior. The interior was done at Bowtie Connection where they reupholstered the seats with camel suede and leather, and accented the interior design with a wood-grain steering wheel and a color bar.

After another year went by, they decided to juice the car. Anthony from Homies Hydraulics, in Paramount, California, took on the job. Anthony cut out the car and reinforced the frame and then molded the upper and lower A-arms to be able to support the abuse of the frame from the hydraulics. Next on the list was to hook up the paintjob with some finishing touches, including pinstriping from Mike Lamberson. The murals on the hood and trunk lid were air brushed on by Luis “El Pintor.” When it was time to decide on what kind of murals to put on the car, Pete says he wanted something that represented the City of Pasadena, so Luis laid down the Pasadena Rose Bowl and Suicide Bridge, accompanied by a few lovely ladies and some money roses. In the trunk is a mural of the Pasadena City Hall and his ’84 Cutlass, which sits over a banner that reads: “Hater’s Passion.”

The following year, Pete had the car clearcoated again and added Candy Orange after the sunroof was installed. After that, Anthony at Homies once again took the undercarriage apart and chromed out the front and back suspension. Pete’s goal was to do something new to his ride every year so he could get closer to his dream of having his car featured in Lowrider magazine. Now after five years, Pete’s dream has come true. He also enjoys cruising in his car to local shows and cruise nights with the members of Casuals Car Club. Pete would like to thank his mom, dad, Nick, Micheal P. Aragon, and his car club members for helping out with his ’84 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Hater’s PassionOwner: Peter C. Aragon Jr.Vehicle: ’84 Oldsmobile CutlassClub: Casuals Car ClubCity/State: Pasadena, California

Engine/Drivetrain: The stock engine had some parts painted to match the car and was accented with chrome wiring covers and a chrome air filter.

Body/Paint: Javi’s Auto Body, in El Monte, California, straightened the body and laid down Candy Burnt Orange with micro flake. The body was then accented with custom gold leafing and pinstriped by Mike Lamberson. It was hooked up with a custom sunroof and finished with custom murals, which were added by Luis “El Pintor” of Pasadena, California.

Interior: Big John at Bowtie Connection reupholstered the car with camel suede and leather and hooked it up with a wood-grain steering wheel and an original color bar.

Sound System: When it was time to put in the tunes, Art at Audio Crafters, in Pasadena installed an Eclipse TV head unit. The sound system is handled by two Rockford Fosgate 12-inch woofers accompanied by tweeters, mids, and two 5-inch monitors on the visors.

Setup: Anthony Fuentes was the mastermind behind the chrome setup, which includes two pumps, custom racks with six batteries, four chrome dumps, hopping coils in the front, and coilovers in the rear, all controlled by six switches. The Cutty was also reinforced to be able to handle the abuse of the hydraulics, and the suspension was replaced with chrome upper and lower A-arms and support brackets.

Tires: Hancock 185/75R13

Wheels: Custom anodized, pinstriped, gold leafed 13-inch wires and knockoffs