A Casual Look – 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline

Paula Is Looking To Show That Women Can Do It Too By Blowing Up The Scene In This Bomb.

When looking at this ’47 Fleetline, you see a really nice bomb that is laid and loaded with accessories. What you don’t see is the woman owner behind it. Paula Montano has been lowriding since she was 16, when she started dating her now-husband Alfred. Alfred is the president of Old Memories in Tucson, Arizona. There have been a few cars that have come through the household over the years so Paula decided it was time to have one of her own. While they were keeping their eyes open for cars this ’39 came up for sale. Longtime family friend Louie Romero was entertaining the idea of selling the beloved car that he’d owned for 18 years.

During that time Louie had put $20,000 into the car. Paula had wanted a car for some time and they saw this as the perfect opportunity to get one. It was definitely a perk to be able to know the history of the car in addition to knowing that it was well cared for. The car does have a few modern parts on it, like electronic ignition, an airbag system, and 2 1/2-inch dropped spindles. Eric Vega and Albert took care of the interior by utilizing some of the Chevrolet‘s new material.

There are plenty of accessories to admire, like the GM tissue dispenser, compass, driver side fan, flashlight, and umbrella holder, just to name a few. Paula has owned the car for a year now and we’re sure she has enjoyed every moment of it.

A Casual LookOwner: Paula MontanoVehicle: ’47 Chevy FleetlineCity/State: Tucson, ArizonaClub: Old Memories in Tucson, Arizona

Engine/Drivetrain: 216-cid inline-six, featuring an electronic ignition, polished headers, and a straight pipe exhaust. Fosters Garage built the motor, and Louie Romero handled the transmission. Super Car Center and Tucson Muffler took care of the exhaust.

Body/Paint: The Jet Black base and clearcoat was done at Paint ‘n’ Place, in Tucson. Buckshot Pinstriping, in Tucson, handled all of the pinstriping.

Interior: The interior is stitched in 2-inch pleats with updated Chevy cloth material. It is filled with OG parts, like a Fulton column fan, Fulton traffic light viewer, tissue dispenser, vanity mirror, coat hangar, and cigarette dispenser, just to name a few.

Sound System: The sound system has a stock in-dash radio and a single speaker.

Setup: An airbag system raises and lowers the ’47. Firestone airbags and two 3 1/2-gallon air tanks are supplied with air by a Big Red air pump. Godfathers’ Customs made the 21/2-inch dropped spindles for the front, and Rey Villa, of Tucson, performed the install.

Tires: OG Wire wheels, 13×7 black powdercoated

Wheels: Premium Sportways 5.20×13