Hate Me Now – 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

Cipriano Decided To Take His Much-Loved '93 Cadi To The Next Level.

Straight out of Pearland, Texas, a small city on the outskirts of Houston, comes a smooth ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with a new image. Why a new image? This car was featured in LRM just two years ago, but back then it was just a clean street ride with a gray paint job and killer hydraulics setup. Owner Cipriano Flores decided to rebuild the Cadi and take the car to the top of the next level.

Being part owner of the Slab Shop in Houston, Cipriano needed to build something different at his shop so that people can see what he and his men are capable of doing. Also being a member of the Houston Lowrider Council (“HLC”) and a loyal member of Firme Car Club, Cipriano wanted to make sure that the rebirth of the Cadi was something to talk about.

Before the car was ready for paint, it was in Carlos’ care at the Slab Shop where he did all of the body modifications including the shaving of the door handles, antenna and front fender moldings. He also sectioned the hood and molded the front clip. The mirrors were replaced with ’96 Cadillac model mirrors. Shane Ely painted the car in House of Kolor lime gold paint at the Slab Shop.

The Cadillac had to have a little bit of “dirty South” flavor, so it was equipped with a custom-made Lambo door kit and a pop trunk. The pop trunk was made famous in the South by cars that would stop at a red light and “pop” the trunk to show off the setup, sound system, custom neon and some kind of neighborhood representation. This sweet Fleetwood was equipped with actuators to open and close the trunk at a hit of a switch.

The custom-molded fiberglass subwoofer box is so clean that Cipriano decided to step it up and mold the entire car. Instead of having matching carpet in the interior, he got his homie Hyrum “Big Worm” Castillo to mold and fiberglass the entire floor panel with a custom-made center console, which was painted to match the exterior with the same lime gold paint.

The car was then handed to Horacio Alonzo who reupholstered the front and back seats with a mixture of gray leather and suede. “Shorty” and John at Shorty’s Hydraulics hooked up a clean setup that includes two chrome Heavy Hitters pumps and custom-bent hard-lines with color-matching accumulators and a 10-switch clear box to control the car’s smooth movements.

The redone Cadillac was unveiled at the 2007 Houston LRM Tour event, where it took home the Best Radical award and got the attention of a few people in the industry who are now doing the same thing and molding their interiors. Cipriano would like to extend his thanks to his son, fianc Rachel, his parents for always being supportive, and, of course, his crew at the Slab Shop and his fellow Firme Car Club members. Keep an out for “Hate Me Now” on the Texas car show circuit, but don’t get it twisted, this car is driven and cruised once in a while. It just gets driven without its “shoes.”

Hate Me NowOwner: Cipriano FloresVehicle: ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood BroughamCity/State: Pearland, TexasClub: Firme C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The stock 350-c.i.d. engine was hooked up with chrome valve covers, air cleaners, alternator and brackets.

Body/Paint: The body-including the door handles, antenna, front moldings and trunk emblems-was shaved to perfection at the Slab Shop in Houston, Texas. The car was then modified with ’96 Cadillac mirrors. The front clip was molded and set up with a Big Daddy chrome grille and E&G bumper kit. The car also received a Lambo door kit installation before being painted by Shane Ely with House of Kolor candy lime gold paint.

Interior: The interior is the eye catcher at the car shows with everything inside custom molded and painted to match the exterior. The car sports a custom-made fiberglass center console, suede pillars, custom dash cover and a combination of suede and fiberglass door panels. The interior done by Horacio Alonzo at Ordaya’s Upholstery in Houston was also hooked up with gray leather and suede inserts.

Sound System: The sound system is also something to look at in detail. The interior houses a custom-made fiberglass enclosure for the amps in the rear deck, custom-fabricated kick panels and also a fully fiberglassed trunk housing four Rockford Fosgate woofers. The video system is impressive in itself with six monitors. Hyrum AKA “Big Worm” Castillo hooked up the sound system with a Pioneer head unit, mids and highs.

Setup: The hydraulics setup was done by the team of John and “Shorty” at Shorty’s Hydraulics in Houston, and incorporates a pair of chrome Heavy Hitters pumps with custom-bent hard-lines and custom-painted accumulators. The setup is powered by four batteries and the movement is controlled by 10 switches.

Tires: P155/80-R13

Wheels: 13-inch L.A. Wires with painted dishes