Kim King from Jacksonville, Florida, is an active automotive enthusiast. Turning his hobby into work and his work into fun, Kim owns a used car lot as well as a paint and body shop called Auto Techniques. That’s where part of the custom work on his beautiful ’69 Chevy Impala was accomplished. Initially, Kim bought the car to have something to enjoy with his children. Purchased almost a decade ago, the Chevy convertible has since become a solid member of the family.

Bone stock when he bought it, the bright green car was calling out for a new millennium update. While Kim opted to leave the body intact and let the original lines of the Chevy show through, there’s nothing standard about the paint job. It’s the most striking element when you first see the car and the beautiful House of Kolor Sunset Pearl always turns heads. Chris at G&G Auto Salon sprayed the paint, while Kim’s own shop followed up by painting the interior pieces and new fiberglass enclosures for the stereo. Kim added 14×7 reversed Daytons, choosing painted-to-match orange spokes.

As pretty as the exterior is, the interior also attracts your eye, thanks to the talents of Roberto at Mike’s Upholstery in Orange Park. He covered the seats and door panels with a combination of bright orange and white naugahyde. The car has a matching tonneau cover when the white convertible top is down. Music was important and the elaborate stereo done by Mike Ohren in Jacksonville begins with a Kenwood flip-face head unit, feeding the six five-way speakers. The real excitement occurs in the trunk with the four 12-inch Pioneer subs thumping in their own custom fiberglass enclosure. The car is also equipped with a Vintage Air A/C system, Dakota Digital dash, power windows and Combi steering wheel.

Kim has always been partial to lowriders and wanted his Chevy to get the full treatment. DG Hydraulics in Jacksonville created just the right profile for the Impala, using a pair of trunk-mounted Red’s pumps that activate 8- and 10-inch cylinders. Dashboard-mounted switches control front to back and pancake moves.

Under the hood is equally unique with an aggressive 454-c.i.d. V-8 (bored out to 468), ensuring that this ride will never run short of power. Equipped with an Edelbrock high-rise intake, Holley 750 double-pumper carburetor, Crane roller cam and Hooker Headers dumping into Flowmaster mufflers, the vintage convertible gets up and goes.

What do you do once your dream car is complete? Kim enjoys taking the Impala to shows and going on Sunday cruises with his children. He’s also working on two other lowriders so we may be seeing more King-size work soon.

King ’69Owner: Kim KingVehicle: ’69 Chevrolet ImpalaCity/State: Jacksonville, FloridaClub: No affiliation

Engine/Drivetrain: Under the hood, the original 454-c.i.d. is now a 468-c.i.d. V-8, equipped with a Holley 750 double-pumper on an Edelbrock high-rise intake, Crane roller cam, MSD ignition, Hooker Headers and Flowmaster mufflers. The combination sends 337 horsepower through the beefed GM200 transmission to the rear wheels. March pulleys, Be-Cool radiator and lots of chrome and paint finished the job. Kim’s friend OJ did the engine work.

Body/Paint: The body was kept original, but the eye-catching Sunset Pearl from House of Kolor ensures that the car will never travel anywhere unnoticed. G&G Auto Salon in Jacksonville sprayed the flawless paint job.

Interior: The interior updates the factory look, using tangerine and white naugahyde and orange carpet to create a stunning combination in the convertible. Original instruments were replaced with a Dakota Digital dashboard, while a radical stereo makes this Impala a great highway cruiser. Roberto Gonzales at Mike’s Upholstery in Orange Park handled the stitch work.

Sound System: Stereo expert Mike Ohren in Orange Park began with a Kenwood CD player that controls the 2,500-watt output of the three Autotek amplifiers hidden in the trunk. Six Pioneer 6x9s were installed in the doors and rear quarter panels, in addition to a pair of 4-inch highs in the dash. Four 12-inch Pioneer subs reside in a custom enclosure in the trunk, with everything painted and upholstered to match.

Setup: DG Hydraulics in Jacksonville powdercoated the reinforced frame prior to installing the Red’s hydraulic system. Two Red’s Super Pumps, powered by three Group 31 batteries, activate the 8-inch cylinders up front and 10-inch versions in the rear. Red’s Super Springs ensure a smooth ride.

Tires: P185/70-R14 Gillette Silver Bear

Wheels: 14-inch 100-spoke Dayton wire wheels with chrome rims and spinners, along with spokes painted to match the Sunset Pearl exterior