The lowrider scene in the Boston, Massachusetts, area seems to get stronger every year,” says Vadim Meter of neighboring Foxboro. “Some people like seeing a car dragging bumper or hitting moves at a stoplight. Usually they’ll look at you like you’re driving a spaceship. It’s probably one of the most difficult environments to own and maintain a quality vehicle, and for that reason I think we take extra pride in our cars.”

Northeastern lowriders face obstacles that their brethren in sunnier climates don’t have to worry about. “Some guys here are lucky enough to find indoor storage for the winter,” reports Vadim. “Others who park outside under a cover can look forward to having their ride fossilized in snow and hope that no creatures decide to take refuge inside it for a few months. When spring comes, we hear the dry roads calling. That’s when everyone brings out what they’ve been working on in the ‘off season’.”

“Since we are so spread out, sometimes people know of your car before they know you,” Vadim continues. “You’ll be at a show and someone will come up and say, ‘Hey, I’ve been hearing about this car forever.’ There aren’t many custom shops in the area, so most people have developed skills that they can offer each other and new friendships happen while a car is being built or getting fixed.”

Now 31 years old and working as a web designer, Vadim decided about 10 years ago that it was time to build a lowrider. “It had to be a Cadillac,” he says. “There was a Coupe DeVille in the next town that was in good shape with the original paint and interior, and only 84,000 miles.”

The Cadillac came with the Coupe DeMarchand trim package, which consisted of black paint on the sides and silver down the middle, separated by a red stripe with matching interior and silver landau roof. This package was only available in ’79 as a dealer-installed option. With help from Custom Body Works, B&D Auto, A&W Towing and Keith Hanson Designs, Vadim was able to recast the unique Coupe as a cool cruiser.

The car also came with an unexpected “extra.” “While the owner and I were talking about the car and agreeing on a price, I realized that I knew her daughter from high school,” Vadim relates. “She invited her over when I picked up the car so that we could catch up. We’ve been together ever since and have recently gotten engaged.”

Low AmbitionOwner: Vadim MeterVehicle: ’79 Cadillac Coupe DeVilleCity/State: Foxboro, MassachusettsClub: No affiliation

Engine/Drivetrain: The original 425-c.i.d. engine was dressed up in chrome, mated to the original Hydramatic transmission and exhales through a glass-pack exhaust.

Body/Paint: The car has been repainted to the factory colors (black and silver) with a mural under the hood.

Interior: Gray leather with black leather inserts on the seats and doors with red piping.

Sound System: A Clarion CD player can be heard clearly through Clarion 4x6s (front) and Soundstream 6x9s (rear).

Suspension: The car is bagged with all steel-braided lines, Slam bags in the front, Firestones in the rear, eight Parker 1/2-inch valves, two Thomas compressors, four Viair compressors, two 5-gallon tanks painted to match the car and two 5-gallon chrome tanks, 10 switch box, 160-amp alternator and an Optima battery.

Tires: P175/70-R14 Summit

Wheels: Color-matched 100-spoke L.A. wires