OwnerShorty’s Hydraulics

Vehicle’62 Chevy Impala,”Deuce Hitter”

City/StateHouston, Texas

ClubLatin Fantasy C.C.

Shorty’s Hydraulics has been building record-breaking hoppers and dancers since the 1980s. having built cars like “el mero mero,” an ’85 chevy Blazer, and “el Travieso,” an ’85 olds cutlass, it’s no surprise to anybody that shorty’s hydraulics’ newest creation is another top car show competitor. This candy red ’62 impala double-pumper is called “deuce hitter,” not only because it’s a ’62 or “deuce,” but also because the car hits back bumper on the first two hits of the switch.

In fact, Deuce hitter can reach 76 inches without a problem. what else would you expect from switch man John Vega, who’s been hitting the switches for shorty’s hydraulics since he was 13 years old (when he would build model cars with switches). John was also in charge of building the setup for the impala, which consists of four pumps, two of which are set up for the front to hop. John hooked up the car with shorty’s heavy hitter pumps with 1-inch ports.

Deuce Hitter’s also equipped with 3-ton white springs in the front accompanied by heavy hitter medium 8-inch cylinders. The other two pumps are used to raise the custom rearend “wishbone” with a little help from 28-inch cylinders. The setup also includes a custom-fabricated pump rack that houses 14 odyssey pc1700 batteries. John reinforced the car with a full frame wrap to withstand the abuse of the car hitting back bumper every time it’s taken out to a show.

Deuce Hitter is only used for car show competition, but if you want a little bit of street action, John and shorty’s hydraulics are working on “The Butler,” which should be coming out soon. why The Butler? Because it’s “going to serve your ass all day long.” so if you see a black and white ’62 impala on the streets of “h-town,” John won’t hesitate to hit the switches.