This time we’re featuring H.D.’s single-pump ’87 cutlass. We caught up with H.D.’s hopper at the Hop Shop of Orange county. This single-pump G-body was built as simple as they come for a hopper.

The Hop Shop built the car to last. The car’s frame was fully strapped and received nine batteries that operate the custom Hop Shop piston pump. all nine batteries are wired to the front gate, which gives out so much torque and launches the light G-body off the ground. The pressurized pump pushes fluid through #8 hoses.

The basic trunk had enough room to install a speaker box for that music on the boulevard. The trunk was designed to be as low maintenance as possible, with both pumps accessible. you don’t want to break a pump when out in the street and not be able to get back on the road.

This cutlass is one of the hottest street cars out there and H.D. is always ready to nose up. His clean painted and striped car is up for the challenge.