“Pooh” Ashley of Individuals C.C. loves to roll his “deuce.” When he first got his hands on this ‘62 Impala, it was supposed to be a “lay and play” car, but since it was so clean, Pooh didn’t want to destroy it. But then, Pooh started to get kind of bored with the car as it was, so he decided to change it up and give it an L.A. “hood look” with graphics. Once the car was patterned out by “Doc” and sporting a new 44-inch moonroof, Pooh and his ’62 were ready to hit the boulevard.

Pooh’s club brother, “Switchman,” changed the setup and tweaked the two custom pumps that get this ’62 going. A total of 10 batteries and a full frame strap allow the car to hop with the best of ’em. The single piston pump car was hooked up with an extended adjustable banana bar to allow it to lock up.

If you see Pooh’s ’62 cruising down the street, make sure to watch out as Pooh loves to smash that bumper and won’t hesitate to hit the switch on you if you’re a lowrider. Big ups to the Individuals and we’ll see what else the club brings out as the word on the street is that they have a few sweet cars in the works.

If you have a hydraulics setup that hits back bumper or is making you “go for broke,” e-mail some images along with basic information to: saul.vargas@sourceinterlink.com.