Each month in “From the Hood” we bring you one of the sport’s hottest-looking engine compartments. This section highlights an engine that’s been customized and hooked up with performance parts as well as cosmetic components. From The Hood is broken down to include performance parts, pulleys and brackets, engine compartments, induction and ignition systems.

This month, we feature the engine in car sales manager John “Harpo” Mananian’s ‘62 Chevy Impala SS convertible representing Eastside C.C. in Fresno, California. John really stepped up with his Impala that was completely redone from the frame up. Being a salesman, John’s always wheeling and dealing. So when he came across this ’62 SS convertible he knew that he had to jump on the deal. Once the ragtop was home, John went over the whole car and hooked it all up.

John started by swapping out the tired 327. Larry at Felix Automotive in Fresno installed an ’85 Chevy Corvette 350-c.i.d. with polished aluminum heads. The engine was painted to match by Ruben “Buggs” Ochoa. The top end was topped off with a dual 4-bbl. carburetor. A dual Flowmaster exhaust system was installed by Manuel at Kustom Mufflers in Fresno. John then bolted on an all-chrome three-speed 350 transmission and dual alternators mounted on a Zoops pulley and bracket setup.

The one-month project came around smoothly, which was fortunate for John as he was on a six-month deadline to finish his car in time for the Lowrider Tour stop. If you feel that you have an engine worthy of our From The Hood section feel free to contact us at saul.vargas@primedia.com.