George “Happy” Garcia of Los Angeles has been in the game for about six years and in that time has built a reputation for building cars that perform better than they look. This time around, he wanted to shut up all of the haters and so he built this ’87 Cutlass in under eight months, taking the car completely apart. Happy (as everyone knows him) bought this car stock from “Grandpa” in Goodtimes C.C. who used it to get around in.

Happy’s a certified welder, which came in handy when it came time to build the frame. Happy made sure to weld the frame up proper. The car was painted in sections and pinstriped. It also has a full chrome undercarriage that features a custom-built rear suspension that allows the car to lock up high and get an advantage over the competition. The Cutlass even has custom engraving throughout to accent the look of the vehicle.

Happy is starting to get used to attention as he’s been featured in several street videos, including Truucha’s Street Riders. This time around, he attained his goal of being featured in the Back Bumper section of Lowrider Magazine. This car was put together with the help and support of his family, car club, Curly’s Pinstriping and Hernan’s Custom Engraving. Our hats are off to Happy as he’s the one to beat with a clean car and a quality hopper that smashes the back bumper.

OwnerGeorge “Happy” GarciaVehicle’87 Olds Cutlass,”Gallo Fino”

City/StateLos Angeles, California

ClubJust Us C.C

Price of the car $1,500
Cost to build from the frame up $18,000
Cost to maintain every time
he needs to go out and play
The feeling of serving people PRICELESS

If you have a hydraulics setup that hits back bumper or is making you “go for broke,” e-mail some images along with basic information to: