OwnerJerry “O.J.” Gibbens

Vehicle’87 Chevy Monte Carlo, “Troublesome MC”

City/StateLas Vegas, Nevada

ClubRoyals C.C.-Vegas

Stats:Four Black Magic PumpsTwo Sidewinder 1-inch port regular blocksTwo 1/2-inch street pumps14 Centennial 31-series batteriesTwo Delta dumps to the rear and one custom-built Adel IIFour switchesEquals two years as King of the Street

We witnessed Jerry AKA O.J., the current president of Royals C.C. in Las Vegas, being crowned “King of the Street” on A&E’s King of Cars show, but even then his Monte wasn’t doing what it’s doing now. So when we had the chance to take pictures of this car we had to take advantage before O.J.’s head swelled up, him being a ghetto movie star and all.

This Monte Carlo required six months to put together and O.J. felt lucky as everything worked out right. The new 350 engine purrs like a champion. We do know that O.J.’s daughters picked the car’s color and the car was looking good in yellow, at least until O.J. started smashing the rear bumper. The front fender also got a little tore up when a ball joint busted, but those scrapes are what it takes to be King of the Street.

O.J. is always ready to hit the boulevard and do what it takes to keep his club on the map. O.J. has never backed down from a challenge and has traveled to California and Arizona to smash his back bumper. When we tried to talk to him for this article, he was like, “I got to go. I’m on my way to do a housecall.” We’ll have to see how long his Vegas luck lasts.