It’s always nice to see cars such as this ’39 Chevy Master Deluxe owned by Mr. Harold Ferguson of Compton, California. You see, Harold has been a lowrider since the early ’60s, longer than many of you have even walked this Earth, let alone driven, but we digress. “I’ve been lowriding since I was 13 years old,” says Harold. “My first car was a ’54 Chevy sedan.”

After tooling around town in that ’54 for a while, Harold came across his second ride, a ’64 Chevy Impala, and then his third ride, a ’65 Impala Super Sport. As time passed and the mid-sixties crept up, so did the Vietnam War. Harold did his patriotic duty when he was called in for service. During this time period, radical changes were happening within the social and political climates back home.

So to keep his mind off of “things,” Harold came to know a few new friends and was introduced to a more vintage version of steel. One person whom he’d met owned a ’42 Chevy Fleetline and, as soon as he returned to the States, Harold got the bug and went out to buy a ’46 Fleetline. But the car that would eventually capture his eye would be a ’39 Master Deluxe.

Harold would see these cars that were in The Duke’s Car Club stable and figured that he’d get that next. “My dream finally came true when I bought my ’39 Chevy,” recalls Harold. “I had the color of the car in my head way before owning it, as well as the interior.” Talk about pre-visualization!

“This is the result of the love that I have for old cars,” Harold adds. “The car turned out exactly how I had it in my mind.” Yes, well, we can attest to the fact that some of these vintage jewels can catch the eye, just as can a pretty lady. That’s probably why Harold chose to call his Chevy “Foxy Blue.” “I can’t express the feeling that I have when I drive my ’39,” Harold tells us, “but I can appreciate her and all of my Chicano brothers who helped me out along the way!”

Foxy BlueOwner: Harold Ferguson

Vehicle: ’39 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

City/State: Compton, California

Engine/Drivetrain: A ’71 General Motors 250-c.i.d. 6-cylinder engine was transplanted by “Bule” from East Los Angeles, California, who handled the transmission as well. The exhaust system was also done up in East L.A. at Atlantic Muffler.

Body/Paint: The beautiful finish was achieved by the talented John Frausto at the Black Jack shop in Hawthorne, California. The car sports a candy blue finish that’s a real eye-catcher. The shiny stuff was handled by Danny at the Bumper Shop in Los Angeles, where the bright chrome work was done.

Interior: As far as the inside goes, Harold wanted to keep it clean and traditional so he took the car to Joe at California Upholstery in Bell Gardens, California, where the factory seating and panels received a dapper-looking burgundy velour finish offset by some tasty pinstripes. Look overhead while sitting in the car and you’ll fine more of the rich color in the form of a headliner and recovered visors.

Sound System: As for some sounds, Ed Lopez of La Puente, California, hooked up a Pioneer CD player and a few “stealth” audio items in and around Harold’s pride and joy.

Suspension: We thought that the bomb was either on bags or lifted, but we were wrong. Harold drives the slammed ’39 at the same height all of the time by the use of modified coils in front and lowering blocks out back.

Tires: P185/75-R14 Sumitomo radials

Wheels: 14-inch OG wires with Chevrolet knockoffs do the job for Harold