Demond Warfield’s wife might have had the title of the old Fats Domino song in mind when she teased Demond about his ’64 Chevy Impala, the car that became known as “Blue Monday.” Now the “Fat Man” was singing about blowin’ his hard-earned Friday pay on Saturday “play,” while Demond spent many weekends over a two-year period writing checks to some of the top customizing shops in and around Chicago, Illinois, (this in addition to the work, such as the 350 engine build, that he did himself) in order to transform his ’64 into one of the Windy City’s coolest custom cars. Either way, Mrs. Warfield was heard to say of the expensive weekends required to drive the project through to completion, “It’ll be a blue monday” with all of the money gone. Thanks to his wife’s inspired turn of phrase, the car was eventually named Blue Monday, and it’s blue anyway!

Demond is a hard-working and highly respected law enforcement officer, but when he’s off-duty (and not spending quality time with his wife and family), he usually throws on an automotive-related T-shirt (like the Individuals Car Club 30th anniversary shirt that he proudly wore to the photo shoot) and heads out to the garage to fine tune some aspect of (or maybe just polish) his blue “baby.” Why not? This Blue Monday is a real beauty.

Owner: Demond Warfield

Vehicle: ’64 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: Richton Park, Illinois

Club: Individuals C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: Under the ’64 hood sits a heavily chromed ’78 Chevy 350-c.i.d. engine built by Demond that’s been bored .030 over and outfitted with an Edelbrock Endurashine intake and carb setup. A telescopic driveshaft was installed to adapt to the changes in length caused by the hydraulics, while a 2-inch Cherry Bomb exhaust system expels those nasty fumes with a little rumble. All of the chrome plating was done by Robert and Abe at A&R Custom Chrome in Bedford Park, Illinois.

Body/Paint: The blue and white color scheme (with patterned roof) was made a reality by “Mago” at Damage Auto Body & Hydraulics in Lansing, Illinois, using PPG paint.fInterior: The original stitch upholstery featuring an Impala logo was handled by Ernesto at El Malecho in Cicero, Illinois.

Sound System: Demond demanded demonic audio so he paid a visit to T Customs in South Holland, Illinois, where Tyrone equipped the Impala’s interior with a JVC head unit, Autotek amp and crossover, and JBL, Pioneer and Kicker speakers.

Setup: “Damage” was done in more ways than one when Mike at Damage Auto Body & Hydraulics did up the Hi-Low setup in addition to the paint and bodywork. Three pumps, three dumps, 8-inch (front) and 12-inch (rear) cylinders, 3.5-ton (front) and 2-ton (rear) springs, four switches, nine solenoids, Deka batteries and Parker hoses allow the ’64 to hit the required street moves and more.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Cooper Endurance whitewalls

Wheels: Color-matching 13-inch OG wires