The Doctor – 1964 Chevrolet Impala

Nothing you can do can kepp this 1964 away

A classic is something that will be recognized until the end of time. Sometimes, due to either Mother Nature or just neglect, some classics end up rusted, busted or just tore up. That’s when it takes someone like Scott Carrell from Olympia, Washington, to perform some major reconstructive surgery to bring this beauty to its original classic form.”The Doctor” is named after Scott’s grandfather, Doc Carrell, a master at machinery who owned his own business. The story started in 1994 when Scott found the ride in Olympia all rusted out and he was able to get the pink slip for a mere $500. “The ’64 was taken apart piece by piece, for a frame-off restoration,” says Scott. “It took 10 years of hard work and money to get the car where it is today.”After the body and the frame were straight and put back together, a full-custom Garnett PPG paint job and a white leather pleated interior were added. Scott didn’t want to be outshined on the boulevard so lots of chrome was needed throughout. A chromed rearend, trailing arms, upper and lower A-arms, drums and inner fenders satisfied his need for bling.Scott wanted something that would not only live up to the name of a classic, but the name of his grandfather as well. Thanks to all of his efforts and the help of some close friends, The Doctor is in, and ready to operate. Special thanks go to Aaron Hall and Terry Zolman who helped bring it all together.

The Doctor

Owner: Scott Carrell

Vehicle: ’64 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: Olympia, Washington

Club: United Classics

Engine/Drivetrain: Terry Zolman from Zolman’s High Performance built up the Impala‘s 327-c.i.d. V-8 with an Edelbrock carburetor, valve covers and air cleaner. Chrome pulleys and power steering add extra flash to the engine bay.

Body/Paint: A Red Garnett PPG paint job was laid down along with a pearl white top.

Interior: Pleated soft white leather was installed by Mike Witecki in Tumwater, Washington.

Sound System: Scott hooked up the sounds himself, installing a system that includes an Alpine CD deck, Pioneer subwoofers and PPI amp.

Setup: David Gonzales put the “low” in this lowrider by installing two-pump Red’s Hydraulics system. One-ton springs give it that bounce while six deep-cycle batteries add the power. Mirrored Plexiglas finishes it all up in Scott’s version of “pimp your trunk.”

Tires: P175/70-R14 Cooper whitewall

Wheels: 14×7 100-spoke Roadstar with powdercoated white spokes