Evelio Perez works in the family car business, E&A Auto Customs in Miami, Florida. His father has owned the shop for almost 30 years and Evilio grew up around cars. When he bought his ’87 Buick Regal, the car was in fairly good shape and his original intention was to keep it as a street car. As the work progressed and the vehicle began taking shape, he realized that only a full-blown show car would satisfy him. Assisted by his friends Juan Rodriguez and Joe Cardone, every inch of the car was massaged, beginning by stripping the body and eliminating any trace of rust and dents.

Since it can’t be a true lowrider without hydraulics, the chassis was reinforced to hold the three-pump, engraved Luxor setup, complete with eight batteries and 10-switch box. Virtually everything that could be removed was chromed, thanks to Imperial Plating in Hialeah. The original V-6 was discarded and replaced by a 383 stroker motor, loaded with the latest in high-performance accessories.

Tony’s Seat Covers in Miami was called upon to re-create an original style interior, using teal fabric and dark teal carpet. The body was painted candy teal with purple graphics and microflake.

Lots more changes are planned between now and the Super Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Evelio’s goal was to debut the car at his hometown Miami Lowrider Tour show, and he made the deadline, winning his class the first time out, although he does not recommend that feat to everyone. Lots of sleepless nights were required, but the effort was more than worth the trouble. Great vehicles take great talent. Evelio would like to thank his family, friends and girlfriend for their support during the build process.

One final note: the Thomas Hewitt, “Leatherface,” Texas Chainsaw Massacre mural on the trunk, airbrushed by “Meer,” serves as a warning. Evelio built this car in only four months and “The Executioner” is out to carve up the competition. He will be coming for you.

The Executioner

Owner: Evelio Perez

Vehicle: ’87 Buick Regal

City/State: Miami, Florida

Club: Rollerz Only C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: Under the hood, there’s a 388-c.i.d. stroker that replaced the original V-6. Built by Luis Camacho and Evilio’s father, Evilio Sr., the motor runs a 750 Holley carburetor, roller rocker Crane cam, and custom headers that feed into open exhausts. The firewall has been smoothed, then painted and pinstriped to match the exterior.

Body/Paint: The body was kept original with small touches like chrome side mirrors, painted elements in the front bumpers, and chromed headlight rims and rocker panels. Evelio added a canvas top and sandblasted his Rollerz Only club logo into the rear quarter glass. House of Kolor Candy Teal was accented with Lapis Blue and Pavo Purple. The pinstriping was done by Joe Williams who flew in from Las Vegas, Nevada, to do the job.

Interior: The interior follows the original approach, using factory-style stitching and teal fabric covering the dash, seats and door panels. Tony’s Seat Covers in Miami accomplished the upholstery work. The steering wheel was painted to match.

Sound System: The Executioner executes audio excellence through a Pioneer P2000 CD player.

Setup: The chassis rails were reinforced, the upper and lower A-arms molded, the trailing arms and rearend reinforced, and virtually everything underneath was either carefully painted and pinstriped or chromed. The three Luxor pump setup is engraved and, with the help of the eight-battery power source, activates the 8-inch cylinders up front and 14-inchers in the rear. As you can see in the photographs, virtually everything that was removable was chromed, thanks to Imperial Plating in Hialeah, Florida. The final chassis mod was the 10-switch box that gives the car all of the moves.

Tires: P155/80-R13 ChampionWheels: OG wires with alternating candy teal and gold-plated spokes