During a recent visit to L.A., the Ying Yang Twins, who are slowly reaching platinum status, dropped some knowledge and schooled us on the finer points of car customizing, ATL style, that is. Since the Twins had no cars in the Los Angeles area, we decided to mate them up to two vehicles which best suited their style and, as you’ll see, they let us know exactly what made each of these two vehicles the hot and proper choice worthy of parking lot pimpin’ in the ATL (for Atlanta, Georgia). As each of the buoyant entertainers made their way to their respective vehicle of choice, they went wild and broke it down for us. Kaine taught us why a car is like a woman, while D-Roc educated us on what it takes to have your truck stacked tight and rollin’ right.

Rims: OZ Racing Vela III (22-inch in the front and 23-inch in the rear)
Engine: Intercooled Eaton GEN IV supercharger on a 5.4-liter Triton V-8 (380 hp)
Source: Scott Kunisaki, CEO of Cal-o-Veg Produce Distribution

Rims: 20-inch 150-spoke Supreme
Tires: 255/35-ZR20 Aurora
Engine: 430-c.i.d.
Suspension: Air bagged
Source: Nathan Simmons from Custom Classic, Pasadena, California