It’s a well-known fact that parents rarely give into their kid’s every demand. I know firsthand that wasn’t the case for me, but every once in a while a child’s wish is granted, and this is the case of one lucky kid named Orlando Hoguin.

1977 schwinn pixie ii custom hard bags

When Orlando expressed interest to become a biker, his father, Mike, almost immediately knew that he had to make good on his son’s wish. With the vision in mind, he started off by hunting down a frame, and after sourcing a Schwinn frame at the swap meet it was time to play.

1977 schwinn pixie ii candy painted gas tank

The swap meet-sourced bike frame was retrofitted to hold a toy engine he found, and the end result is a unique build that doesn’t demand but commands attention. Whereas most of the bikes we feature have exaggerated curves, plenty of sharp angles, and mountains of chrome, this bike here is a scaled-down version of a motorcycle. Complete with hard saddlebags, the bike is mesmerizing to look at. And while it’s a far departure from what we’re used to seeing, it’s definitely a welcomed feature that may deserve a category of its own.

1977 schwinn pixie ii saddlebag murals

So how did the bike take on such strong character traits from its fullsized sibling? Well, after studying Harley-Davidson frames, Mike felt he could duplicate it by modding the Schwinn frame he purchased. He started off by cutting up the frame and shaving the neck, crank housing, and lower tail section of the frame. While retrofitting the frame, he made sure to keep in mind the motor’s mounting position and in addition wound up crafting a metal seat with lifter springs beneath it to give it the true look of a bobber.

1977 schwinn pixie ii side front view 01

The muraled hard bags were made out of fiberglass and once the form was complete he threw down a candy root beer brown paint. With the frame cut, waxed, and sealed, the last thing to address was the engine and all the small details. For that, he dropped the motor off Carlos Salas to get the fin in the engine diamond-cut while the tank, fenders, and hard bags went to Angel Viramontes to have the patterns added. To complete the look, DSG Designs added the airbrushing and Raa Leather added the two-tone leather to the aftermarket fart catcher.

1977 schwinn pixie ii front fender

With the little Mike had to work with, he was able to turn his son’s childhood dream into a reality and it’s proof once again that fatherhood isn’t about what you can afford, but more what you can’t afford to make come true.

1977 Schwinn Pixie II

Vehicle Nickname
Lil Viclista

Orlando Holguin

1977 schwinn pixie ii orlando holguin 01

Port Hueneme, CA

Legions B.C.

1977 schwinn pixie ii harley clone

House of Kolor Candy Root Beer Brown

Brown and black leather

1977 schwinn pixie ii jbl bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth JBL Charge 2

16-inch 28 crosslace spokes with Duro nylon whitewall tires