Krazy Kutting Stroller & Pedal Car – It Runs in the Family

At just 4 years old, this little girl is riding in a style of her own

The levels of custom pedal cars and strollers continue to be pushed further and further. Each year we’re seeing more dynamic builds, and the interest levels have increased dramatically. In this issue of Lowrider we will be taking a look at a prime example of what can be achieved—especially when the boss is just a few years old.

While most 4-year-old girls are just beginning to daydream of Barbie franchised doll playhouses and power wheels, there is always an exception to the rule, and Aracely Gonzalez is the perfect example. Looking to take the leap from the stroller to a pedal car, her interest in building her own lowrider pedal car was backed by her father. Now, keep in mind that her father is the owner of the world-renowned shop Krazy Kutting, so you already know that the build will be intense.

To begin, Antonio Gonzalez painted Aracely’s custom stroller. For the paint scheme he threw down a multi-layered pattern featuring an array of colors, including violet, magenta, and different shades of gray. The pedal car is pulled together with the addition of Razor wheels and the necessary engraving. Following that, the Leal Brothers were brought in to lay down an intricate combination of Purple and Violet patterns over a flaked basecoat, and it offers the final complement to a pedal car built to show.

For this build however, the Krazy Kutting crew decided to up the ante by adding a custom, fully engraved prototype steering wheel. In addition, the pedal car features a one-of-a-kind windshield, custom pedals, and a chrome undercarriage.

With the pedal car finished just in time for her to cruise into her birthday party in style, Aracely would like to give a huge thank you to the whole Krazy Kutting crew, her Tio Mando, and of course, to her mommy and daddy.

Custom pedal car and stroller


Aracely Gonzalez


Yuma, AZ


Multiple pattern combinations with accenting pinstriping lines by the Leal brothers


Custom Razor wheels