The Garcia family is on a mission. Their mission is to spread awareness about Down syndrome and what better way to deliver that message than with a custom-built pedal car for their son, Noah. Born with Down syndrome, Noah’s parents wanted to share his journey while celebrating his strength. With Noah in the driver seat, they found the best vehicle of delivery was this custom pedal.

Boasting an array of modifications, the cart was built for both education and entertainment. In what could best be called a passion project, the once-forgotten pedal car was given a revamp, which began by dropping it off to Tintaz. Once the body was stripped and straightened, they applied a two-tone paintjob beginning with a Candy Cobalt Blue over a silver basecoat, and immediately followed it up with a Candy Oriental Blue and Pagan gold for the patterns.

The blue and yellow motif sets the bike off, but the color selection is one with a deeper meaning. In fact, these are the official colors used to represent Down syndrome awareness. Blue is a color that spreads happiness among people while yellow evokes a feeling of energy for both mind and body. Used in combination, it shows a mix of dependability and perseverance with optimism and a bright future ahead for people with Down syndrome. “It was our way to share Noah’s journey with others, and we get the opportunity to share our experience,” his parents said. Adding, “These colors represent Noah’s journey. From the diagnosis to every milestone he has reached in his short life, it is our way for us to share his story while bringing awareness to the community.”

We at Lowrider salute the Garcia family on their valiant efforts to spread awareness on Down syndrome and we’re honored to have been able to feature such an incredibly meaningful build. To see this family together during the shoot was incredible. Their smiles were powerful, their energy contagious, and while reminiscing about our time in the studio I’m empowered by their ability to share their courageous experience. If you want to learn more about Down syndrome please visit

’50s Pedal

Vehicle Nickname
Noah’s Journey

Noah Garcia

Santa Ana, CA

House of Kolor Candy Cobalt Blue with Oriental Blue and Pagan gold