The Superman trike you see here started off as a two-wheeler a few years back when Pearce “Wish” Yazzie found the frame online. The frame, which was in decent condition, was soon taken apart and that’s when his dreams came to fruition.

1981 schwinn trike side view 02

Upon delivery, he kickstarted the build by having bodywork and custom fabrication done, but a few years later, while surfing the web, he came across a trike conversion kit and that marked a new life for the bike.

1981 schwinn trike front wheel

Once he received the kit, he had to have the necessary modifications performed, so he sent the bike off to Paul Martinez to lay down the candy blue paint. For additional art and fine lines, he then went to El Roy for the white and sky blue ‘striping, while Innovation Upholstery wrapped the seat in black velvet.

1981 schwinn trike side front view

Sitting on 72 spokes, the trike sits pretty with a heroic look and it also became the first bicycle/trike to join the club, Premier Image. In addition, his bike inspired his immediate family to get involved with the club, so it’s literally become a family affair. “Having the bike featured in Lowrider is only going to fuel them even more and set new goals for their creations,” Pearce says. But the true story to take home is how a lowrider-style bike has brought so much peace, happiness, and inspiration to a family devoted to lowriding.

1981 schwinn trike superman embroidered seat

It’s moments like this that showcase the magnitude and impact lowriding has. Far from a trend, and far too intimate to be a social club, lowriding is a way of life that brings together people from all walks of life and intertwines them in a world built on tradition, heritage, and family values.

1981 Schwinn Trike

Vehicle Nickname

Pearce “Wish” Yazzie

1981 schwinn trike pearce wish yazzie

Albuquerque, NM

Premier Image

1981 schwinn trike side view

House of Kolor Stratto Blue Candy

Black velvet

1981 schwinn trike 72 spoke lowrider rims

20-inch 72-spoke lowrider rims