Building a lowrider bikes isn’t anything new for Carlos Martinez. So when he came across a great deal for a semi-completed bike, he jumped on the opportunity. “I saw the potential in this bike,” Carlos says. So with a collection of parts he had already collected, he set out to finish yet another wild masterpiece.

1972 Schwinn Side Front View

With the frame already molded, just a little bit of prepping was required before he would proceed to layer it with a Candy Brandy Wine coated with micro flake. Ron of Ron’s Pinstriping then added some fine line accents, bringing out the “Wicked Clown” mural theme found on both sides of the bike. Sal’s Plating handled the refinish of the extensive custom metalwork, which includes a handcrafted seat, handle bars, and a custom neck. Each piece would be painstakingly engraved with intricate floral designs while the 20-inch chrome wheels were accented in a matching powdercoat.

1972 Schwinn Rear Wheel

Carlos would like to thank all who lent a hand, especially Manny’s Bike Shop in Compton. Of course, no roll call would be complete without Carlos thanking his lovely wife, Ingrid, for all the support during this incredible build.

1972 Schwinn Bicycle

Bad Dreams

Carlos Martinez

1972 Schwinn Carlos Martinez

Car Club
Finest Kreations

Fullerton, CA

1972 Schwinn Clown Mural

Candy Brandy Wine with pinstripe and murals

20-inch wire wheels with painted nipples and whitewall radials