1969 Schwinn Trike – A New Appreciation

This father-and-son build created more than just a bond, it created a trike that will carry on a family tradition.

Having grown up in and around the lowrider scene, Enrique Delgadillo reflects on the past while looking into the future. “My dad has been a member of USO Car Club for a very long time. He was a member before I was even born,” Enrique explains. But as he shoots back in time, he’s also quick to recall the fond memories he had at car shows. But the appreciation was designated only to the social aspect and not the lowriders themselves.

“Car shows have been a big part of my family but I didn’t appreciate the work that goes into building cars until a few years ago,” Enrique says. Eventually things changed when he started his own build—a lowrider bike.

The father and son project seemed like the right thing to do so they began looking for a bike. They scoured Craigslist and put the word out, but it wasn’t until one fateful day that he found the bike at the Pomona Swap Meet for $20.

After obtaining the frame, they began by cutting and stretching it and the adding a tank. After a few coats of primer, his dad laid a gray and silver flake base and followed it up by adding a Candy Apple Red and multicolored patterns. But this is where it gets fun. Enrique had a change of heart and decided to convert this bike into a trike.

“I decided to do a trike instead after seeing several nice trikes at shows,” he says. At first he thought it was going to be easy, but after just a few hours it had already proven itself to be a little more difficult than anticipated. To adjust for the added weight and length, they had to reconsider options, but the end result is one they’re more than pleased with.

With the trike complete, they finished just in time for the LOWRIDER Super Show and the response was intense. Needless to say, they’re proud of what they’ve built and it’s also provided Enrique with a newfound appreciation for the attention to detail it takes to build a lowrider.

1969 Schwinn Trike

Vehicle Nickname

Vuelta a Vida (Back to life)


Enrique Delgadillo


San Diego, CA




Stretched and molded frame was painted with a PPG Candy Apple Red, and fade and stencil patterns in red, orange, and purple patterns were used on the tank and frame


Orange vinyl banana seat


Renegade RXA 100c system with a single amps and four speakers


20-inch 100-spoke lowrider rims with whitewall Deli tires