Being young is an incredible thing. We learn at record speed, our brains are like a sponge, and we soak in our environments with an eager enthusiasm. At that age we’ve yet to have been jaded by the inconsistencies of life and we become interested in anything that comes our way. From sports to extracurricular activities, we take it on with a sincere curiosity, and our featured guest is no different. Already an avid athlete with an outgoing personality, Miy Miy noticed that her father had built lowrider bikes for her younger siblings and that’s when she had to get involved.

Looking to break her way into the scene, she told her father about her interest and soon after he landed her a 20-inch frame. Upon its arrival, she put together a plan as to how the bike should look and once she picked out the color scheme it was brought to Tony Tone to have the frame and fenders painted, flaked, and patterned. Once buffed and polished, she added a few accessories, including a purple banana seat, headlight, mirrors, an apple crate, and 144-spoke wheels. It’s a clean build with smooth lines and the final product is one that has to be admired. With a clean feminine touch, and a brilliant paint scheme, we’re crossing our fingers that Miy Miy’s creative vision and passion will evolve into a fullsize platform.

20-inch Beach Cruiser Frame

Vehicle Nickname
Candy Crush

Miy Miy Holley

Los Angeles, CA

Original Ridaz B.C.

Blue flake over and aqua candy

20-inch 144-spoke