1941 Taylor Tot Deluxe Stroller

This young trailblazer is starting off right

When your grandfather is a member of Lifestyle Car Club, you can expect a colorful life, and this story is the perfect example of that. Before he was even born, Nathen’s grandfather wanted to do something special for his soon-to-be grandchild, so he decided to build him this 1941 Taylor Tot Deluxe.

Once he acquired the bike, it was shot over to Greg DeAlba, but there was one problem, he didn’t know if his grandchild was going to be a boy or girl. Not wanting to put the project on pause, he decided to choose a neutral color so he had Greg paint it Tangelo Orange Pearl with sunset metal pearl patterns. Phillip’s Fine Lines then added the ‘striping and also included Nathen’s last name on the tray and a custom back piece that reads: From Grandma and Grandpa Flores. Meda’s Upholstery then wrapped the tiny seat in orange vinyl. Since its completion, Nathen has ridden in it at a few shows.

The admiration for the stroller has been incredible and Nathen is already getting used to stopping for photos while welcoming the “ohs” and “awes.” In all, it’s a gift that keeps on giving and a family heirloom they plan to keep forever.

1941 Taylor Tot Deluxe Stroller


Nathen Robert Fortner


Santa Fe Springs


House of Kolor Tangelo Orange Pearl with Sunset Gold Pearl patterns


Orange vinyl


Original with whitewall painted