Respect for the family unit is a common characteristic found within the lowrider community. From immediate family to those in our club, we look at fellow club members and those in the community as an extension of our very own. But the love and support we offer goes well beyond car-related issues, and it has everything to do with life in general—and that’s what this story about.

1940 AMF Fire Truck Side Front View

When Nate found out his godson, Little Marcel Mendoza, had been diagnosed with leukemia, he stepped to the plate and offered a form of therapy that could help lift his spirits. As a member of Legendary Groupe Car Club, Nate decided to create a one-off custom pedal car to get Marcel into the swing of things.

It all began when Marcel was only 3 1/2 years old. He was diagnosed with the disease and that’s when he was assigned to a therapy program to help him out. Looking to lift his spirits, Nate was determined to find an additional form of therapy to help keep Marcel’s spirits up between rounds. That’s when he decided to look for a pedal car. After coming across a pedal car on Craigslist, he purchased it and set off on a mission to make him something he’d cherish.

1940 AMF Fire Truck El Nino de Oro

Upon picking it up, it went straight to F.A. Kustoms where the pedal car was disassembled and prepped for a full custom paintjob. Once the paint dried, it was laced with murals while all the accessory parts were engraved. Mike Lamberson then added the final touches, and with the car complete he wanted Little Marcel to not only ride but ride with his brothers in arms. So in a move to make it official, he had Marcel start prospecting for the club.

1940 AMF Fire Truck Front View

While Marcel continues treatment, it’s an honor to have been able to shoot this feature because it shows the true spirit behind lowriding. Nowadays, mainstream media spends far too much time highlighting the negative aspects of lowriding but this is why we do what we love. You see, the roots of lowriding run deeps and there’s more to it than candy chrome and hydraulic pumps. Our culture is one built on a solid foundation and we applaud Marcel’s godfather for taking a proactive role in giving his godson an outlet to enjoy the fruit and passion of lowriding.

1940 AMF Fire Truck Top Rear View

Yet as I write this story, Little Marcel continues his fight with leukemia, so our thoughts and prayers are with him daily as he fights for his life. In closing, I would encourage all of you to also include him and his family in your prayers because a little bit of spiritual support goes along way. That said, we’re riding with you down the road to recovery and we’ll see you at a show soon! Stay up lil’ bro!

1940 AMF Fire Chief

Vehicle Nickname
El Nino De Oro

Marcel Mendoza

1940 AMF Fire Truck Marcel Mendoza

Perris, CA

Groupe Riv. Co.

1940 AMF Fire Truck Skull Mural

House of Kolor candy root beer brown

Suede and gator in brown and tan

1940 AMF Fire Truck Side Profile 01

6-inch wires with whitewall tires