Jovan Valenzuela was hooked in the lowrider scene after his first time going to a car show with his uncles. Jovan bought himself this ’73 Schwinn frame in hopes of building it and becoming part of the scene. “It became my dream to have a lowrider bike. I wanted to build it to go out to car shows and go riding with people who enjoy the scene,” Jovan says. He began the build but found himself overwhelmed with the amount of time and money it would take to build one. He began losing motivation and interest in it. That all changed when he saw his cousin Damian Trevizo building his three-wheeler. “His build gave me the motivation to finish mine.

1973 schwinn sting ray side view 001

“I decided to go with an Aztec theme, not because that’s what everyone does but because that is part of my culture and I’m proud of it.” Murals of Aztecs were airbrushed throughout the bike. Jovan did a twisted with birdcage look throughout the bike because that is a style that he fell in love with when he was younger and always wanted it. “I didn’t build the bike for points, I built it for myself. If it gets me points great, but I won’t be adding anything to it just for points.” The build has taken him over a year and over $1,000 and he still isn’t done with it. The bike wouldn’t be where it’s at now without the help of his uncle Steve Trevizo, who has been helping him along the way.

Built to impress the owner not the judging sheets.
Built to impress the owner not the judging sheets.

1973 Schwinn Sting Ray

Jovan Valenzuela

El Azteca

1973 schwinn sting ray jovan valenzuela 019

Delhi, CA

Off-white vinyl and green stitching

1973 schwinn sting ray jaguar themed mural 003

Candy green

20-inch 100-spoke with 20×1.75-inch whitewall tire