We here at LRB have recently been receiving letters asking us how to do Bondo body filler modifications to customize bike frames. So we paid a visit to Joseph Garcia at the Drag-N-Shop in Santa Fe Springs, California, to see if he would give us a crash course in Bondo Basics 101. Joseph happily agreed to share a little bit of his expertise with our readers.

Joseph took out all of the tools that he was going to need: cardboard, thin-gauge sheet metal, cutting shears, welder, grinder and sanding wheel. When we asked Joseph what were the “basics,” he replied, “The basics are knowing how to start off with a simple, basic tank. Once you know how to do a basic tank, customizing a tank will be a cinch.”

So in order to help those readers who want to know how to apply Bondo to their bikes, we brought back some pictures from our class taught by Mr. Garcia. When you think that you’ve learned all that you need to learn, go out there and try slapping on some Bondo yourself.

REMEMBER: Always do any work like this one under adult supervision and always wear safety equipment.