Meet Mark Kaake and Josh Knight, two young business entrepreneurs who collaborated on a cool idea that we thought you readers might want to know about. Mark is an urban marketing and graphics guy at 77 Records, while Josh has plenty of experience as a fiberglass fabricator and also attends business school among other things. These two brains from Long Beach, California, concocted simplistic bolt-on tanks and fenders for 26-inch beach cruiser bicycles.

The fiberglass fenders and tank assembly are like snap-on products that can be further modified once a builder gets the hot stuff mail-ordered to their garage. Mark and Josh were cool enough to show us how to install the innovative bike parts. Plus begging for the publicity helps a whole lot.

The two were dressed in their Sunday best to explain a procedure so easy that a monkey could do it. There’s much more highly detailed information that needs to be fully understood and you can do that by logging onto or email big Mark at and you better like hip-hop/rock music.