My name is Ezequio Serna, but most people call me EZ or little EZ E. I don’t really understand why they do because I’m almost 1 year old now. Anyway, my dad, Charlie Serna, wanted me to tell you about my 1940 Taylor Tot stroller he built for me.

My dad has always been into lowriders. He says that when I grow up he’s going to give me all of his cars, but for now I get to cruise around in my stroller. When I came along my dad and mom, Auna Alvarez, had a big party for me. Their longtime friends George and Maria Avita gave them this stroller because they knew my daddy wanted to build one for me. I could hear my mom and dad talk about what they wanted to do to it. Mom liked the color green and my dad liked the color blue so they decided to use both of them on the paintjob. This guy, Bugz from Bugz Auto Art, started painting my stroller, although I usually saw him eat more than he worked. He eventually got around to laying down a House of Kolor Oriental Blue with medium teals, tape shades, and then he finished it all with a couple of different pinstripe colors. George and Maria had already done some of the chrome plating so all my dad had to do was put it together for me. I can’t wait for Mom and Dad to take me cruising at a car show. If you see me, make sure you come say hello.

1960 Taylor Tot Stroller

Eazy E Stroller

Ezequio Serna

Phoenix, AZ

Bugz Auto Art

Original ’40s with whitewalls