Gilbert Ramirez grew up in and around lowriding his whole life, but the influence and informal education he received wasn’t from sitting on the sidelines. Rather, he was highly influenced by being involved in the scene, and when your father is Big Fern, aka Big Money Fern, you already know that the lessons he was taught are priceless. After finding out he was soon to become a father, he knew right then and there that he wanted his child to be born into the lowriding lifestyle. “As soon as we found out my girlfriend was pregnant I decided to give him a stroller for his first birthday,” Gilbert says. In fact, the plans were already sketched out in his head and he wanted the stroller to mimic the design cues found on his very own 1962.

One day while setting up a booth with his father at the Pomona Swap Meet, Gilbert took a casual stroll to see if any strollers were available, and that’s when he ran across one for $250. It was all original and in decent condition, so he picked it up and held onto it for a few months before bringing it to local SoCal artist Phillip Rincon. Once there, Rincon took it apart, performed all necessary bodywork, and then laid down a coat of candy paint from House of Kolor. While waiting for the paint to cure, the suspension, handlebar, and other miscellaneous items were sent to chrome while Frank Torres painted the whitewalls on the wheels. In all, a total of $1,900 was spent to complete the project but that’s a small price to pay to have your son being pushed around in custom stroller that is sure to break necks and add to the family collection of already notable lowriders.

1950 Taylor Tot

Vehicle Nickname
Andrew’s Whip

Andrew Isaiah Ramirez

Rosemead, CA

House of Kolor Organic Green with Aztec Gold, silver flake, and custom-mix basecoat

Original with whitewall painted on