In the past decade or so, I’ve shot plenty of incredible lowrider bicycles. From mild to wild, trikes to bikes, I’ve seen plenty, but the one that has always stood out has been “Sting Ray” owned by Angel Vee.

Like most custom bikes, it sported the traditional ensemble of upgrades and parts, but whereas most parents are in the forefront of the build, Angel’s was quite different because he led the entire build. From the overall design, to the color choices and metalwork, Angel had a heavy hand in the build, which even included the paintwork.

While building Sting Ray, he polished up old skills, developed new ones, and now he’s using what he’s learned to build a custom stroller for his youngest sibling. This new build began when he and his dad found a 1947 Taylor Tot stroller at the Pomona Swap Meet. It was in original condition and complete so after making the deal, he took it apart and had it sandblasted. The duo then concocted a master plan and that’s when the body modifications began. Angel took it to school (Cerritos College) where he took care of all the sheetmetal work himself. From there all it took was a little bit of bodywork. While it was getting readied for paint, he sent miscellaneous parts out to get chrome plated and engraved.

In its final form, this once-forgotten stroller was given a new lease on life; and it’s striking, to say the least. The vibrancy of the colors are incredible, the attention to detail is spot-on, but even more important is that his sibling now has her own mode of custom transportation that can let her explore the world in style.

1947 Taylor Tot Stroller

Vehicle Nickname
The Voyager

Ruby Viramontes

Santa Fe Springs, CA


Angel Vee1 extended the fenders, custom fabricated the backrest before laying custom House of Kolor Candy Tangerine paint with pearls in fan fades, fingerprint, and tape shade patterns


Tan leather padding

Candy-painted wheels with whitewall added to the tire