Three New Products You Need Now!

The Latest Drop

You can never have enough parts to make the job easier, and these three new products are here to get the job done. From the latest torque converters to the most advanced suspension products and low-profile jacks, we’ll be highlighting these new products, so read up and see why they’ll come in handy.

Make: Holley

Model: 3/4 Race Twister Torque Converters


Overview: Built, tested, and track-proven to support up to 650 hp, the Twister Torque Converter is hand-built and inspected to ensure top quality. With more than enough horsepower capacity to handle your lowrider, these torque converters are offered for both street and strip applications for GM, Ford, and Chrysler. In addition, multiple stall speeds are available, thus making it the perfect fit for motors with higher compressions, aftermarket camshafts, aftermarket cylinder heads, and lower gear ratios.

During the build process, state-of-the-art spray welding techniques are used in select areas for clean, strong, and consistent fusion, which also builds strength through hardening from higher process temperatures. Each torque converter is internally welded not brazed, and heavy-duty Torrington bearings are employed for maximum strength and durability. Stators with high-flow vents and channels promote cooling in heat-producing, high-horsepower applications.

Make: Level Ride Air Suspension

Model: Hydraulic Suspension System


Overview: Altering your ride height is an important part of car customization and Level Ride Air Suspension (LRAS) now offers a highly refined way to control popular pneumatic and hydraulic suspension systems. Loaded with a ton of features, it would take a few pages to really get in-depth, but the features are abundant. Working with a vehicle’s existing adjustable suspension, LRAS uses an Android-based wireless control unit to change ride height by touch or voice; no more hitting switches. The 5.5-inch touch-screen controller has the familiarity of a cell phone. It offers both voice-recognition and touch-screen “switches” for adjusting suspension height to a choice of three preset levels: Ride daily drive height where car is aligned, Low is for loading and unloading, and Lift to clear speed humps and obstacles. On startup, LRAS automatically levels the vehicle. (This default setting can be overridden if desired.) In addition to the touch-screen controller, the LRAS kit includes an ECU, height and pressure sensors, a valet/override switch, and all required mounting hardware, wiring harnesses, and related components. The kit is currently compatible with many aftermarket air-suspension systems. Popular segments include sport sedans and coupes, street rods, SUVs, street trucks, and towing applications that require load leveling. Further, many lowrider hydraulic systems are supported, and coverage is expected to be comprehensive by year’s end.

Make: OEMTools

Model: Lowrider Low Profile Jack


Overview: If you’ve ever tried to jack up a car with a lowered stance you already know just how much of a task this can be. In addition, some would say that they merely lift their ride prior to jacking it up, but what if your suspension isn’t in operable condition and all aired out? If so, this jack from OEMTools will come to the rescue. Capable of lifting up to 2 tons with minimal effort, this jack is a valuable addition to your garage or workshop for increased productivity. This jack has a minimum height of 3 inches and a maximum of 24 inches. It’s equipped with rear swivel casters, so you can quickly and easily position this jack in any application, especially low-clearance vehicles like the bad boys you have in your garage. Total weight of this jack is 101 pounds.