Period-Correct Ignition Wires

Make: Vintage Wires

Model: Spark Plug Wires

Overview: When you’re going for that period-correct look, the devil is in the details. When it comes to the engine bay there’s nothing unsightlier than a set of “newer”-style wires draped across your engine. That said, Vintage Wires (an ididit brand) has created a set of spark plug wires covered in the same classic fabric styles found in the vintage racers and cars of yesteryear.

Using their proven spark-carrying technology and 7.8mm EPDM Silicone Insulation, the wires are covered in a lacquered cotton braid cover. These universal ignition cable kits are available for four-, six-, and eight-cylinder applications and included in the kit are the boots, terminals, and dielectric grease and instructions. So get with the program and run with Vintage Wires, the only ignition wires to give you the look of yesterday with the performance of today!


Two Channel Gauges by AutoMeter

Make: AutoMeter

Model: Elite Digital Two Channel Gauges

Overview: Monitoring your engine vitals is as important as getting your bloodwork done annually, and it’s a crucial part in turning and maintaining peak performance. That said, you can do it in style by using these new gauges from AutoMeter. The introduction of their new Elite Digital Two Channel Gauges gives owners the opportunity to do it in style without compromising on the critical performance data that you need to keep your vehicle operating at its best.

Each gauge allows you to have two independent readings within a single gauge and features a bright, LED, seven-segment display and 30 radial LED indicators. Custom alarm points can be programmed for each channel to trigger an external device that gives you a visual warning. The alarm points can also be used to make the numbers in the display blink to show the warning. Elite Digital Gauges give you more of what you need to stay well informed.

Elite Digital Gauges are available in Cobalt, Phantom, Ultra Lite, and Sport Comp. Each series is available in a speedometer, tachometer, fuel level and voltmeter, pyrometer, fluid level, vac/boost and fluid level, and temperature.


Upgrade Your LS EFI System

Make: Holley

Model: Terminator X and Terminator X Max EFI Systems

Overview: The introduction of Holley EFI’s all-new Terminator X and Terminator X Max electronic fuel injections systems is just in time for your LS swap or upgrade. Developed specifically for LS engines and available in 12 different variations, they’re superior to ordinary stand-alone LS engine-management systems and compatible with numerous applications, for less than $1,000. So put an end to unwieldy aftermarket tuning interfaces and get yourself a system that is plug-and-play with self-learning fuel strategies and proven, race-winning Holley EFI technology.

Terminator X features real-time fuel learning, high-impedance injector drivers, an integrated one-bar MAP sensor, and four programmable inputs and outputs, ideal for electric fans, boost-control solenoids, progressive nitrous control, and more. Terminator X Max does all that and also delivers single-drive-by-wire throttle body control and electronic transmission control. The included 3.5-inch handheld LCD touch-screen comes with an easy-to-use calibration wizard along with tuning and gauge-display functions. All Terminator X systems come fully loaded with base maps for common LS engine combinations that get you out of the garage and on the road or racetrack in no time.

Either way, you get Holley EFI’s industry-leading, intuitive software suite that provides full laptop access for advanced users. All Terminator X systems use Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband to relay AFR information to the ECU for accurate reading and precise tuning control. These systems are compatible with virtually all Holley EFI accessories-analog-style gauges, shift lights, numerous modules, and digital dashes, among others-and are perfect from one end of the spectrum to the other, from budget-beater street machines to all-out boosted race cars, with all the features and technology you need at a price that’s better than you’d expect.