Similar to the human body, a car will need plenty of therapy and replacement parts when it reaches a certain age. From the radiator cap, to the fuel pump, these small accessories regulate the performance of your car and in this installment of new products we’re featuring three new products that you’ll definitely need sooner than later. So let’s begin.

1965-1975 Flat Rivet OER Radiator Cap

Make: OER Parts

Model: Flat Rivet Radiator Cap


Overview: A radiator cap is easy to take for granted, but once it malfunctions it’s not a good thing. It also happens to be one of the key components that regulate your cooling system, thus allowing a certain amount of pressure to build up in the system before it opens up, allowing excess pressure to escape.

On older vehicles the internal springs may wear or malfunction but instead of getting a cheap Pep Boys substitute cap you can now pick up one from OER. Each of their caps feature the correct markings as well as an accurate cosmetic appearance of the “flat rivet” in the center of the cap. Please note that the original caps have long been discontinued and the current GM replacement unit (and other reproduction caps) don’t accurately represent the original cap.

Holley/MSD 12-Bolt Brushless Fuel Cell Pump

Make: Holley/MSD

Model: 12-Bolt VR Series Fuel Cell Pump Modules


Overview: Your fuel pump is the heart of your vehicle. It’s what gets the fuel pumping at the correct pressure; a faulty or underperforming unit is cause for catastrophe. That said, Holley/MSD announced the release of their Holley 12-Bolt VR Series Fuel Cell Pump Modules.

Their brushless design easily support up to 4,400 hp for EFI engines and 4,800 hp for carbureted applications. Fully compatible with popular 12-bolt flange fuel cells and designed to drop right in, they maintain pressures of 130 psi while flowing 335 gallons per hour. Two VR Series brushless pumps, two controllers, and two harnesses deliver complete VR fuel pump power inside your fuel cell and make it easy to upgrade it to EFI.

Painless Switch Panel

Make: Painless Performance Products

Model: Trail Rocker Switch Panels


Overview: Built to handle the most extreme abuse, the Painless Trail Rocker Switch Panels are as rugged as any trail you’ll ever encounter. Designed for off-road use, these switch panels can handle mud, jumps, and tons of vibration, so what does that have to do with lowriding? Plenty.

Lowriders experience tremendous vibration and sudden jolts, and that means these switches will feel right at home. They can easily handle the jolts of your hopper and the weatherproof LED on/off switches are enclosed in a powdercoated steel housing and are available in a four-, six-, or eight-switch options. They make for the perfect addition to your vehicle and offer the confidence in knowing that they’ll always be ready to go at the flick of a switch.