Campbell Hausfeld Lightweight 4.6-Gallon Quiet Compressor

Air it Out!

Delivering the power needed to complete common air compressor applications while providing the quiet operation to work virtually anywhere, the new Lightweight 4.6-Gallon Quiet Compressor from Campbell Hausfeld offers lighter weight, reduced sound output, and much longer product life than conventional air compressors. The 4.6-gallon twin-stack air compressor model joins the 6- and 8-gallon options already in the Quiet Compressor product lineup. The new air compressor is designed for small-scale contractors and DIYers to take on many common jobs, such as stapling, fastening, nailing, hobby painting, or filling your tires up with air. The advanced lightweight design weighs about half as much as other air compressors, so users can easily go wherever the work is, while key components are designed to deliver reliable performance—and up to four times longer life. The low-noise design of the Quiet Compressors produces about half the sound output of conventional air compressors. In addition, the new dual air coupler lets users maximize productivity to get the job done efficiently, while the new user-friendly interface allows for quick-and-easy adjustments.

Specifications for the Lightweight 4.6 Gallon Quiet Compressor, Model DC040500:

  • 4.6 (gallons) tank capacity
  • 1.0 hp
  • 125 max psi
  • 2.2/3.2 cfm at 90/40 psi
  • 120 V
  • 68 dBa sound output
  • 38 pounds

Campbell Hausfeld, a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company, is headquartered in Cincinnati. As a leader in manufacturing air compressors and other pneumatic equipment, Campbell Hausfeld is here to help professionals and homeowners get the job done. For more information, visit