Some things, no matter how much you try and take care of them, just wear out over time or need to be improved. For instance, if you fancy the look of the bedwood your Chevy pickup originally came with, it’s only a matter of time before the elements have rotted it out or you just decided to convert your metal floor to the more appealing aesthetic of wood and stainless strips. Thankfully, companies like Bruce Horkey’s Wood and Parts have got you and your pickup bed covered.

Brakes need constant maintenance and many have made the jump to convert their older GM cars to disc. Wilwood’s AFX kit will help you in converting or upgrading your factory GM disc brakes for the 1964-’72 A-body, 1967-’69 F-body, and 1964-’74 X-body. Thinking of adding accessories to your engine? Of course you are. You need the right system to turn all those components though, and Eddie Motorsports’ S-Drive Plus Serpentine Pulley Drive System can handle all that torque and make your engine look good doing it.


wilwood afx body front brake kit

Make: Wilwood
Model: AFX Body Front Brake Kits
MSRP: Starting at $643.99
Overview: Featuring forged Dynalite four-piston calipers with 11-inch one-piece rotors. Includes BP-10 compound metallic composite SmartPads, mounting brackets, stainless steel braided, DOT-approved flexlines, and all hardware. Kits mount to OEM spindles, while clearing most 14- and 15-inch disc brake backspacing wheels.


bruce horkeys bed and wood parts 1963 1972 chevrolet c 10 floor kit

Make: Bruce Horkey’s Bed Wood and Parts
Model: Chevy 1934-’87
MSRP: varies by year and bed size
Overview: Cut to size from kiln-dried oak or ash, grooved for skid strips, drilled for hold-down bolts, sanded, and ready to finish. You can even request select boards with a similar grain pattern for a show bed finish. Available without holes and steel-to-wood floor conversion kits for 1967-’72 Chevy/GMC Fleetsides are offered as well.


eddie motorsports s drive plus serpentine pulley kit 8 rib
Make: Eddie Motorsports
Model: S-Drive Plus Serpentine Pulley Drive System
MSRP: Starting at $2,150
Overview: Features an eight-rib belt configuration for wider contact patch than six-rib. Available in raw machined or polished for small-block, big-block, and LS Chevys and come with all billet aluminum pulleys and mounting brackets. Eddie Motorsports’ S-Drive Plus Serpentine Pulley Drive systems are offered complete with components, including Powermaster 140-amp alternator, Tuff Stuff aluminum water pump, Gates spring-loaded tensioner and serpentine belt, Sanden style A/C compressor (where applicable), Maval power steering pump (where applicable), and all of the necessary stainless steel fasteners.