The “think tank” over at American Products Company (APC) in Temecula, California, is always abuzz with activity, especially after company Marketing Director Larry Ashley and Marketing Assistant Brent Hattan decided that the Acura RSX would be the next hottest import car to hit the market in a long t


In the new age of lowriding, we have a lot of imports hitting the streets of the US. Some of these are stock, and some are fully tricked out from front to back and side to side. These new-age lowrider cars are pretty cool and plenty of modelers want to know ho


Braulio Silva considers his ’99 Acura CL an honorary family member, what with all of the time that he and his kin put into building this sleek, unique ride. Having had two years of consistent work into the “Luxury” roller, Braulio has had several opportunities


Actually owned by Honda, this car is part of a joint venture between Wings West and Alpine Electronics. Wings West has dominion over the exterior of the vehicle and Alpine has authority over the interior. The result is a show car that is second to none. The ca

Lowrider Girls

It’s always nice to see the ladies partake in the sport that most guys take for granted. Especially someone as talented and Mia Lopreiato of Las Vegas, Nevada. Talented because not only can she race a car that blows away many a male, but because she’s also a b