With so much going on at SEMA, such as new product showcasing, educational seminars, industry celebrity meet up, product exhibition, and demonstration it is impossible for one to see everything at SEMA. So we decided to take a step back from all the chaos and check out some fine art that was being displayed at the show. Every year at SEMA there is an art walk section that displays oil paintings, line drawings that capture renowned rides, race action, and historic events and personalities. This year Art Walk was located at the base of the escalator leading from Central Hall to the Sky Bridge. We stopped by to look at some of the artwork and to talk to a few of the artists.

The first artist that we had a chance to talk to goes by the name of Bomonster. He is a Southern California native who has mastered the art of scratchboard. Scratchboard art is basically the art of drawing with a sharp knife. Each board starts off with a white clay surface with a smooth layer of black ink on top and is then scrapped away with a knife. We will be featuring Bomonster in the near future but for now check out some of his work at Bomonster.com.

The second artist we got a chance to talk to was James Owens, who was born in The Motor City (Detroit). James graduated with a B.A. in illustration from the Center For Creative Studies, and after working in the advertising business decided to venture off to become a fine oil painting artist. We will be following up with James in the near future and will be bringing you a full feature with him.

The final artists that we got a chance to talk to is Ken Eberts out of Temecula, California. Ken’s been painting for over 50 years and was a car designer for Ford. Ken has huge body of work, with over 1,000 original paintings. The pieces that he has on display at SEMA are some of his newest work. We hope to be able to bring you a full feature on Ken and his artwork as well.