Celebrating 35 years of organized lowriding is a huge feat only few clubs get to commemorate. It’s a milestone that speaks volumes about dedication, and an accomplishment that comes with enough stories that it can be chronicled in a book. So when it came time for Old Memories (South Arizona chapter) to celebrate their 35th anniversary, it was only right to kick it off with splendor.

The three-day celebration started with a picnic, and it was a great way to greet all who attended. From friends and family to out-of-town chapters and guests, there was a huge array of guests who came in from all around town, including Oxnard, High Desert, Fresno, and Las Cruces. Even members from their Japan chapter made their presence felt. On day two, they were all dressed to impress as they made their way to the banquet hall, which set the stage for a night of live music from the Festival Band, as well as tunes by DJ Feroz. Once dinner was served, the audience was able to unwind and the evening was concluded with speeches and the handout of awards.

To be able to watch Old Memories members partying alongside guests from Viejitos, Imaginations, and Groupe car clubs was a sight in itself, and as they carried the celebration well into the wee hours of the morning it marked the end of only the second day. To kick off the continued activities, the third day started off with a menudo breakfast. While everyone was recharging their batteries from the night before, stories were shared amidst plenty of laugher and it was amazing to see the kindred bond continuing to grow. In all, the family atmosphere, the strong camaraderie, and the pride they take in their club are the glue that genuinely holds this club together. You see, these are more than just clubs, they’re extended family units who take pride and passion in the cars, the culture, and the continued expansion of a lifestyle that has given us so much—and there’s still plenty of room to grow.